TAB Tovarna akumulatorskih baterij d.d.

TAB Tovarna akumulatorskih baterij d.d.

Polena 6, 2392 Mežica
+386 2 8702300
Slovénie Slovénie

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Système de Stockage
Système de Stockage
Hors-Réseau, Autonome
SLA, Lithium Ion
Maison Mère
Rudnik Mežica Holding
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Système de Stockage 19 Vendeurs


Systèmes de Stockage

  • TAB Motion Pas...
    Acide de Plomb (Inondé)
  • TAB Motion Tub...
    Acide de Plomb (Inondé)
  • TAB OPzV
    Acide de Plomb (Gel)
  • TAB Motion Gel
    Acide de Plomb (Gel)
  • TAB OPzS


OZPS batteries for off grid systems. Adjusted and variable price depending on raw materials market. Manufacturer with experience. Robust product of good quality and reliability. Good after sales service. Product advice depending on the use

-- Proenal S.L.

Lately I have been using TOPzS batteries. They have a very affordable price which is what customers look for. The batteries are cheap, but you have to be careful and treat them with care because they are less resistant to shocks than other batteries. However, they look perfect.

-- Inove Ecoenergia S.L.

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6 sept. 2022