Ningbo Sunways Technologies Co., Ltd

Ningbo Sunways Technologies Co., Ltd

No.1, Lvyuan Road, Green Industrial Zone, Cixi, 315334, Ningbo, Zhejiang
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Sunways is a cutting-edge technology company founded in Konstanz, Germany in 1993, dedicated to developing, manufacturing, producing and distributing PV parts, including inverters for on-grid and energy storage PV systems in residential, commercial and industrial projects, data communication solutions, accessories and applications for monitoring and managing. Since the inception, we have been convinced that the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy such as wind and solar is inevitable. With a strong belief in this trend, Sunways produced a series of technical-leading solar solutions, including on-grid and hybrid inverters, and dominated the solar industry in the late 1990s and millennium.

Détails sur l'Entreprise

Types de Composants
Onduleur, Système de Stockage, Moniteur, Enregistreur de Données, Combiner Box, Solution PID
Système de Stockage
Réseau, Hors-Réseau, Intelligent
Lithium Ion
Réseau, Hors-Réseau, Hybride
Gamme de puissance (kWp):
Nombre de vendeurs connus
Onduleur 28 Vendeurs, Système de Stockage 6 Vendeurs, Système de Surveillance 1 Vendeurs



  • STH-15K~33KTL-...
    16.5 ~ 36.3 kW Hybride
  • STR-3~8KTL-HS
    3.3 ~ 8.8 kW Hybride
  • STR--4~12KTL-HT
    4.4 ~ 13.2 kW Hybride
  • STS-3-6KTL-P
    3.3 ~ 6.6 kW Réseau
  • STT-4-25KTL-P
    4.4 ~ 25 kW Réseau
  • STT50-60KTL-P
    55 ~ 82.5 kW Réseau
  • STS-1-3.3KTL-S
    1.1 ~ 3.3 kW Réseau
  • STT 80-125KTL
    88 ~ 137.5 kW Réseau
  • STS-7-11KTL
    7.7 ~ 11 kW Réseau
  • STT-3~6KTL-M
    3.3 ~ 6.6 kW Réseau
  • STT-30K~60KTL
    29.9 ~ 66 kW Réseau
  • STH 4~12KTL-HT
    4.4 ~ 13.2 kW Réseau, Hybride
  • STH 3~8KTL-HS
    3.3 ~ 8 kW Réseau, Hybride


We use these batteries in our isolated installations because they use gel technology, they don’t need maintenance and their products always comply with regulations

-- David Gonzalez, Inelsa, S.L.

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