Silicon PV 2021

Hangzhou, China
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Hangzhou, Chine Hangzhou, Chine

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19 avr. 2021
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23 avr. 2021
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For the first time in its history the SiliconPV conference will take place in Hangzhou, China, from June 01-03.
The conference covers a variety of exciting topics around crystalline silicon for photovoltaic application, which is still the leading technology for solar electricity generation.

As in recent years SiliconPV continues its fruitful cooperation with the nPV workshop taking place on June 03+04 and - special for 2020! - the bifiPV Workshop on June 04+05 will be affiliated to event as well.

Join the silicon PV week and keep up to date on all aspects on crystalline silicon PV, simulations/characterization, p-type and n-type solar cells, bificial applications, bankability... and much, much more.

Scientific Topics

Silicon material and defect engineering
Wafering technologies and direct-wafer production
Junction formation
Cleaning, etching, layer deposition technologies, surface morphology and surface passivation
Carrier selective contacts, metallization and contact formation
Advanced light management
Advanced characterization and simulation
High-capacitance cell and module performance testing
Process integration and low-cost manufacturing
New manufacturing tools
Si-based tandem cells, new materials and novel approaches
Module processing and materials
Module reliability and production yield
High and record efficiency devices
Review papers
nPV on Wednesday
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