Samil Power Co., Ltd.

Samil Power Co., Ltd.

No.52, Huigu Innovation Park Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
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Samil Power Co., Ltd is a high-tech international corporation equipped with leading technology of grid-tied Inverters. Samil Power has the first-class production equipment and international R&D team. Its core business is to provide various high-quality and reliable grid-tied solar Inverters and energy system solutions to meet the consistently increasing needs of global energy.

Détails sur l'Entreprise

Types de Composants
Onduleur, Combiner Box
Réseau, Hors-Réseau
Gamme de puissance (kWp):
Nombre de vendeurs connus
Onduleur 19 Vendeurs



  • SolarRiver 110...
    1 ~ 5 kW Réseau
  • SolarOcean 100...
    1000 kW Réseau
  • SolarPond 240H...
    0.24 kW Réseau
  • SolarLake 5500...
    5.5 ~ 10 kW Réseau
  • SolarRiver 300...
    3 ~ 10 kW Réseau
  • SolarRiver 110...
    1 ~ 3 kW Réseau
  • SolarLake12000...
    12 ~ 30 kW Réseau
  • SolarRiver-G3 ...
    4 ~ 5.75 kW Réseau

Systèmes Solaire

  • 3120 Wp
    12 Panneaux 1 Onduleur
  • 5200 Wp
    20 Panneaux 1 Onduleur
  • 7800 Wp
    30 Panneaux 1 Onduleur
  • 10400 Wp
    40 Panneaux 1 Onduleur

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Date de démarrage des installations
Taille d'installation
Les installations de moins de 1MW, Plus de 1MW
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Zone d'Exploitation
Australie, Bulgarie, Chine, Allemagne, Espagne, France, Royaume-Uni, Grèce, Pays-Bas, États-Unis



Samil Power manufactures PV inverters with world leading-edge technology. They have one of their key branches in Australia. This allows us to easily connect with them and establish good business partnership.

-- , City Solar

We decided to install inverter products made by Samil Power for our customers based on our minute research. We find this brand the best quality inverter. Five-year warranty for customers is very generous.

-- , Mannix Air & Solar

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