12.8 & 25.6 Volt Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries Smart

12.8 & 25.6 Volt Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteri...

Victron Energy BV
Type de Système de Stockage: LFP
Capacité Nominale: --
Région: Pays-Bas Pays-Bas
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Victron Energy BV.

Produit Alternatif

  • Système de Stockage Catégorie: Hors-Réseau
  • Type de Système de Stockage: LFP
  • Garantie: 5 Années
  • Dimension: 442x400x221 mm
  • Poids: 45 kg
  • Tension Nominale: 48 V
  • Capacité Nominale: --
  • Cycle de Vie: 3500@80%DOD, 3500@80%DOD
  • Durée de Vie: 8 Années

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
LFP-Smart 12, 8/60 LFP-Smart 12, 8/100 LFP-Smart 12, 8/150 LFP-Smart 12, 8/160-a LFP-Smart 12, 8/200-a LFP-Smart 12, 8/300 LFP-Smart 25,6/200
Système de Stockage Catégorie Autonome
Type de Système de Stockage LFP
Fiche Technique de la Batterie
Caractéristiques électriques  
Tension Nominale
12,8 V 12,8 V 12,8 V 12,8 V 12,8 V 12,8 V 25,6 V
Courant de Décharge Max.
120 A 200 A 300 A 320 A 400 A 600 A 400 A
Cycle de Vie 2500@80%DOD, 3000@70%DOD, 5000@50%DOD
Paramètres de Température  
Température de Charge -5 ~ +50 ℃
Température de Décharge -20 ~ +50 ℃
Température de Stockage -45 ~ +70 ℃
Données Générales  
Dimensions (L*L*H)
132x285x240 mm 152x321x197 mm 152x321x237 mm 152x321x237 mm 152x321x237 mm 274x425x347 mm 208x631x317 mm
12 Kg 15 Kg 20 Kg 20 Kg 22 Kg 51 Kg 56 Kg
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Victron Energy BV

+31 36 5359700
De Paal 35, 1315 JG, Almere Haven
Effectif: 75
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Contacts Utiles

Contact Face
Jan and Johannes
Contact Face
Jan Klumpenaar


Inverters for off grid PV systems. European manufacturer with proven experience. Robust product of good quality and reliability. Good after sales service. High degree of customization for each application

-- Proenal S.L.

I have used this brand of inverters for several off grid PV systems. These are high-quality inverters at a very competitive price so I can ensure that they are a good value for my money. In my opinion, they are highly recommended!

-- Inove ecoenergia S.L.

We are very pleased with the technical service. They are very high quality panels and the price is excellent. Since we started to use them we havent had any problems with them.

-- , Norsol Energia Solar

They have very good value for the money. The contact with them is always very direct and they solve any problem very promptly.

-- , Termoecosol SL

High quality inverters made in Netherlands. It is a reliable company. The technical service is close to us and it is good.

-- Luz Verde Energia Solar

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