Residential BESS-RPB Series

Lei Shing Hong Energy
A partir de €258 / kWh
A partir de €2 900 / Unité
Type de Système de Stockage: LFP (LiFePo4)
Capacité Nominale: 100 - 490 Ah
Région: Chine Chine
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Lei Shing Hong Energy.


A modular, extendable design.

High density high energy high lifespan Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.

Compatible with most brand inverters. Surely we have suitable inverter to match with them.

Digital remote control system -EMS

Available in 7 variants for both low- and high-voltage applications

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
Prix (kWh)
€258 / kWh €270 / kWh €300 / kWh
Prix à (Unité)
€2 900 / Unité €3 870 / Unité €6 450 / Unité
Garantie 10 Années
Système de Stockage Catégorie Autonome
Type de Système de Stockage LFP (LiFePo4)
Fiche Technique de la Batterie
Caractéristiques électriques  
Numéro Cellule
3 /Unité 4 /Unité 6 /Unité 7 /Unité 4 /Unité 5 /Unité 6 /Unité
Tension Nominale
51,2 V 51,2 V 51,2 V 51,2 V 204,8 V 256 V 307,2 V
Capacité Nominale
Courant de Décharge Max.
125 A 125 A 125 A 125 A 55 A 55 A 55 A
Courant de Charge Max.
130 A 130 A 130 A 130 A 55 A 55 A 55 A
Durée de Vie
10 Années 10 Années 10 Années 10 Années 10 Années 10 Années 10 Années
Cycle de Vie [email protected]%DOD
Paramètres de Température  
Température d'utilisation -0 ~ +50 ℃
Données Générales  
Dimensions (L*L*H)
570x352x693 mm 570x352x849 mm 570x352x1005 mm 570x352x1317 mm 590x363x923 mm 590x363x1093 mm 590x363x1263 mm
130 Kg 166 Kg 239 Kg 275 Kg 201 Kg 246 Kg 291 Kg
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Lei Shing Hong Energy

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No,432 Kuntai Road, Kunshan City ,Jiangsu Province,China
Effectif: 200
Maison Mère: Lei Shing Hong Group
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Lei Shing Hong Energy.

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Jessica Wen
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Description de l'entreprise

Established in 2017, Lei Shing Hong Energy Co., Ltd (LSHE), is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Lei Hong Machinery Group.Relying on the world's leading gas power generation equipment, PV parts and energy storage system, LSHE provides sales, project construction, management and investment of these clean energy including gas, PV and energy storage systems through professional technology platform. Based on the principle of "Customer First", LSHE is committed to delivers diversified and tailor-made energy solutions to meet the differentiated needs of customers. Our main business includes gas engine, gas generator, solar turbine, PV solutions, Microgrid energy storage system in China. LSHE has set up 10 energy centers in China and is expanding the business in overseas markets. Adhering to the "Value Products, Value Service" concept, LSHE provides reliable and clean energy solutions to global customers with local services in Southeast Asia, Europe, South Africa & North America, especially in residential and commercial applications.

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