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Solar system through the controller storge the electricity in battery from the solar panles, and convert DC to 220V/380V AC,provide energy to conmmercial or industrial equipment.

10KW Solar System can storge electricity energy 32KWH,and drive the 10KW equipment running in the daytime under sufficient sunshine.

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
10kw Solar System
Bloc d'Alimentation
10000 Wp
€10 700 / Set
Specification Panel  
Nombre de Panel
Puissance Panel
280 Wp
Type de Panel
Specification Convertisseur  
Nombre de Convertisseur
Puissance Convertisseur
10 kW
Battery Capacity
800 Ah

Product Description

10KW Solar Moudle Charge Battery Inverter Solar Power System

The 10KW sunllnet energy system provides homes and small business with electricity in the range of 50KWH and 65KWH everyday. It powers all basic loads including: Lights, Fans, Television, washing machine, air conditioner, pumping machine, Small Fridge. 

● DC Input voltage: 220V

● AC output Power: Single-phase 220V 50Hz

● Suitable for Daily Power Consumption≤65KWH

● Allowable Max Loads Power≤10KW

● Fully Charging Time 4.5-6 hours under sufficient sunshine


● All-in-one high integrated off-gird solar system.

● Pure sine wave output.

● Battery power indicate. 

● Digital indication for Solar module charging & load power. 

● Automatic switch between Solar  generation and utility power.

● Solar power generation always preferred. 

● High-efficiency, easy-installation and reliable performance. 

● Economic and environment-friendly.

Solar Power System be composed of the solar battery, solar modules, controller, solar inverter, accumulator, load etc.

The Solar Power System send the adjusted energy to dc load and ac load, on the other hand store excess energy to the battery, when generated electricity cannot meet the load needs, control will delivery battery power to the load. After the battery fully charged, the controller control the storage battery not overshoot. When stored electricity in battery used out, the controller controller the battery not be over discharge,to protect the battery.

Application Scenarios

● Household appliance: refrigerators, air conditioning, television, soybean milk machine, microwave ovens, induction cooker.
● Electric tools: disk saw, electric drill, grinding machine, buffers, welding machine and cutting machine, air compressor. 
● Office equipment: computer, printer, monitor, fax machines, scanners. 
● Household appliance: vacuum cleaner, fans, fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp, razor, sewing machine. 
● Kitchen appliance: coffee machine, mixer, ice tag, toaster. 
● Industrial equipment: metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp.
● Home entertainment electronics: TV, VAR, video game consoles, acoustics, musical instruments, satellite equipment. 

Jiangsu Sunllent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

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