SL5M144 535-550W

SL5M144 535-550W

SunLink PV
A partir de €0,129 / Wp
Type: Monocristallin
Gamme de Puissance: 535 ~ 550 Wp
Région: Chine Chine
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  • Increased Power Density

  • SEMI+MBB Integration

  • Enhanced Durability without Added Weight

  • Rigorously Tested under Stringent Conditions

  • IP68 Certified

  • Outstanding Fireproof Performance

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
535 540 545 550
Garantie de Puissance 25 ans à 84,8% de puissance sortie
Caractéstique Electrique (STC)  
Puissance Maximal (Pmax)
535 Wp 540 Wp 545 Wp 550 Wp
Tension à Puissance Maximal (Vmax)
41,47 V 41,64 V 41,81 V 41,97 V
Courant à Puissance Maximum (Cmax)
12,9 A 12,97 A 13,04 A 13,1 A
Tension Circuit Ouvert (Voc)
49,45 V 49,6 V 49,75 V 49,9 V
Courant Circuit Court (lsc)
13,79 A 13,86 A 13,93 A 14 A
Efficacité Module
20,7 % 20,9 % 21,1 % 21,3 %
  Conditions de Test Standard (STC): masse d'air AM 1,5, irradiation 1000W/m2, température des cellules 25°C
Caractéristique Electrique en NOCT  
Puissance Maximal (Pmax)
404 Wp 408 Wp 412 Wp 416 Wp
Tension à Puissance Maximal (Vmax)
38,78 V 38,99 V 39,21 V 39,43 V
Courant à Puissance Maximum (Cmax)
10,43 A 10,47 A 10,51 A 10,55 A
Tension Circuit Ouvert (Voc)
46,31 V 46,43 V 46,55 V 46,68 V
Courant Circuit Court (lsc)
11,05 A 11,09 A 11,13 A 11,17 A
Température 44±2 °C
  Température Nominale des Cellules (NOTC): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, vitesse du vent 1m/s, température ambiante 20°C
Caractéristique de Température  
Gamme de Température -40~85 °C
Coefficient Température (Pmax) -0,35 %/°C
Coefficient Température (Voc) -0,275 %/°C
Coefficient Température (lsc) 0,048 %/°C
Caractéristiques Maximum  
Tension Maximale du Système 1500 V
Caractéristiques Fusibles en Série 25 A
Caracteristiques Matériel  
Dimension Module 2279x1134x35 mm
Poids 28 kg
Type Cellule Monocristallin
Taille Cellule 182×182 mm
Numéro Cellule 144
Type de Verre Traitement Anti-Reflet, Tempéré
Epaisseur du Verre 3,2 mm
Type d'encapsulation EVA
Type de Couverture PET
type de Trame Aluminium Anodisé
No. de Diodes Bypass 3
Protection Boîte de Jonction IP 68
Type de Connecteur MC4
Section de Câble 4 mm2
Longeur Câble 1200 mm
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About Sunlink PV

Pioneering Solar Panel Manufacturing in China

Established in 2004, Sunlink PV stands as a trailblazer in the Chinese solar module industry. Our commitment to exploration, innovation, and sustainable development has solidified us as one of the earliest and most dedicated manufacturers of solar panels in the nation. With an unwavering focus on green energy solutions, we proudly offer comprehensive one-stop services.

Our array of Sunlink PV products has garnered immense recognition across the globe. Clients spanning from China and Japan to Vietnam, Turkey, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Morocco, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina have all embraced and entrusted our offerings.

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SunLink PV

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No.589, Xitang Road, Economic Development Zone, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, 215600
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à SunLink PV.


Production (MW)/: MWp
Monocristallin, Polycristallin, Cristallin
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 5-550
Description de l'entreprise

With a foundation dating back to 2004, Sunlink PV is a reputable solar module manufacturer boasting two decades of industry experience in China.

This expansion entails a significant ramp-up to a 3GW fully automated capacity, achieved through the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

These include N-Type Bifacial TOPCon modules, N-Type IBC modules, and PERC modules, all of which underscore Sunlink PV's commitment to delivering advanced and efficient solar solutions.


About Sunlink PV

2004 Sunlink PV Founded

2005 2nd Chinese brand exporting to Germany

2006 2nd Chinese brand with IEC2007 ISO9001

2008 EU branch established

2009 New manufacturing base under construction

2010 New manufacturing base of solar cells & modules began production

2011 CH group became the shareholder

2012 Solar projects in Germany invested by Sunlink PV connected to the grid

2013 Standard Solar Enterprise certified by the Minister of Industrial and Information Technology

2014 Became a high-tech enterprise

2015 Sunlink PV became Jiangsu famous brand

2016 Sunlink PV became technical center

2017 CH group became the biggest shareholder

2018 Industrial solar projects in China invested by Sunlink PV connected to the grid

2019 Sunlink PV became the key international brand

2020 Semi+MBB products passed strict IEC test

2021 M10 SEMI+MBB products passed strict IEC test

2022 Smart GW manufacturing base began production

2023 M10 N-type TOPCON SEMI+MBB solar modules began production


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