AEG Solar AS-M1202B-GH(G1)

VDH Solar Groothandel B.V.
A partir de €0,372 / Wp
Type: Monocristallin
Gamme de Puissance: 315 ~ 330 Wp
Région: Pays-Bas Pays-Bas
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à VDH Solar Groothandel B.V..


  • Combines the most advanced technology with high reliability in manufacture

  • Made for challenges and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions

  • Covered by 15 years warranty on the product and 30 years warranty on performance

  • Compliant with the the latest standards to guarantee safety and reliability

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
AS-M1202B-H-315 AS-M1202B-GH(G1)-320 AS-M1202B-GH(G1)-325 AS-M1202B-GH(G1)-330
Garantie 15 Années
Caractéstique Electrique (STC)  
Puissance Maximal (Pmax)
315 Wp 320 Wp 325 Wp 330 Wp
Tension à Puissance Maximal (Vmax)
33,4 V 33,57 V 33,75 V 33,93 V
Courant à Puissance Maximum (Cmax)
9,44 A 9,54 A 9,64 A 9,74 A
Tension Circuit Ouvert (Voc)
41,06 V 41,23 V 41,4 V 41,57 V
Courant Circuit Court (lsc)
9,84 A 9,95 A 10,05 A 10,15 A
Efficacité Module
18,67 % 18,96 % 19,26 % 19,56 %
Tolérance de Puissance (+)
+ 1,5 % + 1,5 % + 1,5 % + 1,5 %
  Conditions de Test Standard (STC): masse d'air AM 1,5, irradiation 1000W/m2, température des cellules 25°C
Caractéristique Electrique en NOCT  
Température 42±3 °C
  Température Nominale des Cellules (NOTC): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, vitesse du vent 1m/s, température ambiante 20°C
Caractéristique de Température  
Gamme de Température 40~85 °C
Coefficient Température (Pmax) 0,365 %/°C
Coefficient Température (Voc) 0,27 %/°C
Coefficient Température (lsc) 0,038 %/°C
Caractéristiques Maximum  
Tension Maximale du Système 1500 V
Caractéristiques Fusibles en Série 20 A
Caracteristiques Matériel  
Dimension Module 1684x1002x35 mm
Poids 21,9 kg
Type Cellule Monocristallin
Numéro Cellule 120
Epaisseur du Verre 2 mm
Type d'encapsulation EVA
type de Trame Alliage Aluminium Anodisé
No. de Diodes Bypass 3
Protection Boîte de Jonction IP 68
Type de Connecteur MC4
Section de Câble 4 mm2
Longeur Câble 1300 mm
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About VDH Solar Groothandel B.V.

VDH Solar only supplies certified A-brands, which distinguish themselves in durability, reliability, and user-friendliness. Thanks to our dealerships and exclusive purchasing channels, we are able to realize a very competitive price and a very fast delivery.

Would you rather pay afterwards? At VDH Solar, this is possible. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

You can order from us easily and quickly via the Customer Portal. To serve you as a customer even better, you can place your orders online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Customer Portal gives you access to our extensive product range.

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VDH Solar Groothandel B.V.

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Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à VDH Solar Groothandel B.V..

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Description de l'entreprise

As a total supplier, VDH Solar has a wide range of A-brand solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, and accessories such as monitoring and cabling.

As an experienced partner VDH Solar likes to think along with you - our team of specialists will gladly give you personal advice.

We deliver your order free of charge throughout the Netherlands. For the Waddeneilanden and Belgium, we have attractive transport rates.

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