AE M5-36_90-110W

AE M5-36_90-110W

AE Solar
Type: Monocristallin
Gamme de Puissance: Wp
Région: Allemagne Allemagne
Le produit n'est plus fabriqué.

Produit Alternatif

HS72-M 375-430W

A partir de €0,145 / Wp
  • Type Cellule: Monocristallin
  • Dimension Module: 2021x1006x40 mm
  • Poids: 23 kg
  • Taille Cellule: --
  • Epaisseur du Verre: 3,2 mm
  • Pmax: 375 Wp
  • Vmpp: 39,9 V
  • Impp: 9,4 A
  • Voc: 47,75 V
  • Isc: 10 A
  • Efficacité: 18,8 %
  • Garantie: 12 Années
  • Garantie de Puissance: 10 ans à 90% de puissance sortie, 25 ans à 80% de puissance sortie

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
AE M5-36 90W AE M5-36 95W AE M5-36 100W AE M5-36 105W AE M5-36 110W
Garantie 12 Années
Garantie de Puissance 30 ans à 80% de puissance sortie
Caractéstique Electrique (STC)  
Puissance Maximal (Pmax)
90 Wp 95 Wp 100 Wp 105 Wp 110 Wp
Tension à Puissance Maximal (Vmax)
18,74 V 18,9 V 19,06 V 19,22 V 19,39 V
Courant à Puissance Maximum (Cmax)
4,8 A 5,02 A 5,24 A 5,46 A 5,67 A
Tension Circuit Ouvert (Voc)
22,45 V 22,61 V 22,77 V 22,93 V 23,09 V
Courant Circuit Court (lsc)
5,19 A 5,36 A 5,52 A 5,69 A 5,86 A
Efficacité Module
13,64 % 14,39 % 15,15 % 15,91 % 16,67 %
Tolérance de Puissance (+)
+ 5,5 % + 5,5 % + 5 % + 5 % + 5 %
  Conditions de Test Standard (STC): masse d'air AM 1,5, irradiation 1000W/m2, température des cellules 25°C
Caractéristique Electrique en NOCT  
45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C
  Température Nominale des Cellules (NOTC): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, vitesse du vent 1m/s, température ambiante 20°C
Caractéristique de Température  
Gamme de Température -40~85 °C
Coefficient Température (Pmax) -0,36 %/°C
Coefficient Température (Voc) -0,36 %/°C
Coefficient Température (lsc) 0,06 %/°C
Caractéristiques Maximum  
Tension Maximale du Système 1000 V
Caracteristiques Matériel  
Dimension Module 1200x550x35 mm
Poids 5,78 kg
Type Cellule Monocristallin
Taille Cellule 125×125 mm
Numéro Cellule 36
No. de Diodes Bypass 2
Protection Boîte de Jonction IP 67
Type de Connecteur MC4
Section de Câble 4 mm2
Longeur Câble 900 mm
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AE Solar

+49 8231 9782680
Messerschmittring 54, 86343 Königsbrunn
Effectif: 1 200
Le produit n'est plus fabriqué.


Production (MW)/: MWp
Monocristallin, Polycristallin
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 90-410

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Waldemar Hartmann
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AE Solar GmbH
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Irakli Ubilava
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Description de l'entreprise
AE Solar est producteur des panneaux solaires de haute qulité.

Notre siège social AE Solar GmbH se trouve en Allemagne, Bavière, et planifie le développement et l'implantation de tous nos produits et du label AE SOLAR dans le monde entier.

Notre objectif c'est de fournir nos clients avec meilleur rapport qualité prix!

Chers clients, merci de noter que pour placer la commande LE VOLUME MINIMAL EST UN CONTENEUR DE 20Pieds (100KW ENVIRON)!
Détails sur l'Entreprise
Type: Monocristallin, Polycristallin
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 90-410
Crystalline à haute efficacité
Type: PERC, Bifacial
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 280-410
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Bureaux Supplémentaires

Rua Itapura 300, (Conjunto 602) – Edifício Lloyd Tower Empresarial
Circuito Ingenieros 60, Satélite C.P. 53100 Estado de México
Lvovi str.,2nd Close №13, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Messerschmittring 54, D-86343, Königsbrunn,


Je suis très satisfait des relations établies avec AE Solar. Ce sont de très bons professionnels et ils présentent une large gamme de produits. Je les recommande.

-- , Sarl ERO Energies

German Brand, German Quality, I recommend.

-- , SpolarPV Technology Co., Ltd.



AE Solar half-cut large cell Photovoltaic panel Is distinguished by having over the average values of efficiency and quality: the coefficient of temperature is quite better than other modules that are in the modern solar energy market. The curve behavior at different irradiance conditions shows a marked efficiency increase in radiations from medium to high, and a slight drop in efficiency at low irradiance conditions. These factors show that this module could reach higher performance than the average in long-term measurements.

AE Solar Shading Resistant panels are the most efficient panels currently available on the market with high efficiency output and operation under conditions of partially shaded area of installation. While the majority of solar panels fall in yield when installed in partially shaded areas, AE Solar’s Shading Resistant Hot Spot Free module steadily maintains efficiency between 16.5% and 22.8% according the module type in these conditions. If efficiency was to be calculated according relativity with other products, the conceptual gain in output could hit 84% of more positive output compared to standard technology panel under partial shading circumstances.

If you like modern technologies and advanced functions available in today’s solar industry, you are on the right place! AE Solar app, available for every smartphone and free to download offers you direct interactive functions with manufacturer and a possibility to check by yourself the authenticity of the solar products you received from the company. It also provides detailed information about the product.

Download AE Solar app and scan the barcode on your PV modules, give it a try, you will love the result! 

Exclusively designed for the residential PV segment AE Solar Eclipse modules are one of the world’s most powerful solar panels with particularly elegant appearance that integrates naturally rooftop designs. The advantage of Eclipse ultra-black panels is perfect black surface without any metal grid lines which makes them easier to visually integrate into roofs. With their total black appearance, the panels can also be used to meet particularly high architectural requirements.


High-quality and innovative photovoltaic solar modules

We are the experts when it comes to solar modules. With our yearly production of 1 GW, we can fulfil all your wishes. All you need to do is tell us whether poly- or monocrystalline and we deliver. We only remain stubborn when it comes to quality. Whatever leaves our production halls has been proved and always complies with the highest international required standards. These are only changed if it’s for the good of quality. Then and only then can we guarantee you long durability. 




AE Solar Shading Resistant Smart Modules with Hot-Spot free technology 

 Power Range: 265W-380W
 Available in mono and polycrystalline

    -    German design and quality;

    -    Individual bypass diode for each cell. AE Smart Module with Hot-Spot Free technology   protects each cell by an individual bypass diode;

    -    When the current of a single cell does not match the current of the whole string, that cell has a reverse voltage, so when measured more than 0.6V, it will automatically activate the bypass diode. As a result, the rest of the cells will not be affected by the disruption;

   -      Increased performance ratio up to 30% ;

   -     We provide all International standards' certificates, 30 years performance guarantee and 12 years product warranty;

Download Technical Data Sheet

With a large selection of module dimensions and performance classes you will find exactly the right one for your project 

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