TN Solar
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Type: Polycristallin
Gamme de Puissance: 230 ~ 250 Wp
Région : Chine Chine
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1. Certifiés TUV, VDE, CEC, PI-BERLIN et CE
2. Installations de fabrication accréditées ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accrédité usine de fabrication
3. Une qualité fiable garantie par l'assurance CHUBB
4. Une compétitivité de rentabilité

Caractéristiques du produit

No. de Modèle
TN230P-60 TN235P-60 TN240P-60 TN245P-60 TN250P-60
Garantie 12 Années
Garantie de Puissance 12 ans à 90% de puissance sortie, 25 ans à 80% de puissance sortie
Caractéstique Electrique (STC)  
Puissance Maximal (Pmax)
230 Wp 235 Wp 240 Wp 245 Wp 250 Wp
Tension à Puissance Maximal (Vmax)
29.4 V 29.7 V 30 V 30.1 V 30.5 V
Courant à Puissance Maximum (Cmax)
7.84 A 7.9 A 8.01 A 8.12 A 8.21 A
Tension Circuit Ouvert (Voc)
37.1 V 37.2 V 37.5 V 38 V 38.5 V
Courant Circuit Court (lsc)
8.34 A 8.66 A 8.8 A 8.99 A 9.15 A
Efficacité Module
14.75 % 15 % 16 % 16.5 % 17.25 %
Tolérance de Puissance (+)
+ 3 % + 3 % + 3 % + 3 % + 3 %
Tolérance de Puissance (-)
- 3 % - 3 % - 3 % - 3 % - 3 %
  Conditions de Test Standard (STC): masse d'air AM 1.5, irradiation 1000W/m2, température des cellules 25°C
Caractéristique Electrique en NOCT  
45±3 °C 45±3 °C 45±3 °C 45±3 °C 45±3 °C
  Température Nominale des Cellules (NOTC): 800W/m2, AM 1.5, vitesse du vent 1m/s, température ambiante 20°C
Caractéristique de Température  
Gamme de Température -40~85 °C
Coefficient Température (Pmax) -0.45 %/°C
Coefficient Température (Voc) -0.35 %/°C
Coefficient Température (lsc) 0.05 %/°C
Caractéristiques Maximum  
Tension Maximale du Système 1000 V
Caractéristiques Fusibles en Série 15 A
Caracteristiques Matériel  
Dimension Module 1640x992x35 mm
Poids 20.5 kg
Type Cellule Polycristallin
Taille Cellule 156×156 mm
Numéro Cellule 60
Type de Verre Transparence Forte
Epaisseur du Verre 4 mm
Type d'encapsulation EVA
Type de Couverture TPT
type de Trame Alliage Aluminium Anodisé
No. de Diodes Bypass 3
Protection Boîte de Jonction IP 65
Type de Connecteur MC4
Section Transversable du Câble 4 mm2
Longeur Câble 90 mm
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Module Brief Introduction

TN SOLAR modules are made of high efficient polycrystalline solar cells, they are also equipped with low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, high flame resistant back sheet and anodized aluminium alloy. Our modules are guaranteed with a long service life, have a high wind and hail impact resistance and are easy to install.

1. Module can bear snow loads up to 5400Pa and wind loads up to 2400Pa

2. Guaranteed power output (0~±3%)

3. High performance under low light conditions (Cloudy days,morning and evening)

4. High salt mist and ammonia resistance

5. Exceptional module conversion efficiency of up to 16.4% through NEW manufacturing process

6. Manufactured according to International Quality and Environment Management Systerm (ISO9001,ISO14001)

Dimensions and IV-Curves

Packaging and Certificates

TN Solar

Central Street, High-tech Zone, Taiyuan, Shanxi
Effectif: 300
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TN SOLAR was founded in 2006 and is located in Taiyuan High-tech industry zone. Our company employs more than 120 senior engineers and professional technicians, those specialists are engaged in solar energy research and Development.

TN SOLAR is a professional solar PV manufacturer, integrating research, development, manufacture and sales. Our group specializes in the production of monocrystal silicon, wafers, solar cells, solar modules/panel, solar lighting systems, and solar power station series. The vertically integrated business model allows us to conduct strict quality control and inspection processes from incoming silicon material to finished modules products.

TN SOLAR panels got TUV certificate, CEC list, and our modules also meet Fire Safety Class for Australian market.

TN SOLAR can supply 200MW Monocrystalline wafers, 200MW solar cells and 200MW high quality PV modules per year which have been exported to many countries, such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Holland, Germany, France, England, Africa and other worldwide countries.


Production (MW)/: 300 MWp
Monocristallin, Polycristallin
Gamme de Puissance(Wp): 5-310

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