Solar Mounting System on Ground-A Type

Soeasy (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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  1. Suitable for the installation of the large-scale for business and multipurpose.

  2. Easy and quick fixed with high factory preassembled components.

  3. Made of AL6005-T5, a lightweight and recyclable solution for solar construction.

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
Soeasy Solar Mounting System on Ground-A Type
Garantie 10 Années
Type le Sol
Arrangement du Système de Montage Rangées
Encadrement du Panneau Cadrés, Non-cadrés
Orientation du Panneau Portrait, Paysage
Angle d'inclinaison
0-45 °
Charge au Vent
152 km/h
Charge de neige
1,4 kN/m2
Données Générales  
Matériaux de la Structure Aluminium, Acier Inoxydable
Matériaux des Petites PièCes Aluminium, Acier Inoxydable

Brief Introduction

This solar mounting system was specially designed for use in photovoltaic systems in open areas. Framed and unframed modules can be arranged in various configurations. Ground screw and concrete foundation is available.



Maximum use of existing land to save land formation costs. Flexible to customize according to different project situation.

Optimization material use structure verification approval by wind load and snow load testing.

Structural validation JIS/DIN. Flexible array length expansion. Smart, simple and safe.

Technical Data


Aluminum 6005-T5 SUS-304





Max. wind load


Max. snow load


Module angle

0-45 degree


10 years warranty

Installation site

Open Ground

Orientation of Panels

Landscape or Portrait

Our service

OEM; Professional customization,Free Design

High-quality Components

The raw materials of all components are made of aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and SUS-304 materials, ensuring product's weather ability and structural stability to the greatest extent.

Real Projects

Company Introduction

SoEasy is a EPC-acclaimed supplier of photovoltaic mounting systems. It integrates production, marketing, research and development, and design in one. They commit to providing customers with safe, reliable, stable and efficient one-stop solar photovoltaic power generation system solutions since 2002. SoEasy focuses on independent research, development and innovation of solar products. The R&D team provides strong technical support to Enable clients to implement freely design projects. The main products include solar bracket, solar system, solar carport, solar cleaning machine etc. Since its establishment, the company has successively obtained more than 60 patent certificates, ISO9001 quality management certification, government qualified suppliers, etc.

SoEasy products had sold to 100+ countries and ares. The cumulative export volume exceeded 3GW by the end of 2021. SoEasy owned factory has 40 MW production capacity per month. SoEasy pay attention to design details and actual on-site installation needs, provide professional solutions for different needs, make installation easier and safer.

Soeasy (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd.

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# 1405, Bldg 2, International Innovation Center, Electronic Industrial Park, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Soeasy (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd..
Description de l'entreprise

SOEASY (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a photovoltaic high-tech enterprise that provides total solutions for solar photovoltaic power generation systems. It specializes in the research, development, production and sales of photovoltaic cleaning equipment, photovoltaic structural systems and solar photovoltaic products. By integrating the supply chain of solar PV products, we provide customers with safe, reliable, stable and efficient one-stop solar PV power generation system solutions, as well as PV power generation system installation and maintenance solutions.

Vidéos du Produit

▍Company Introduction

  • Company Address:Soeasy (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen, China, a coastal city in southeast China

  • Main products:Solar roof mounting system,Large-scale solar ground mounting system,Solar carport structure,balcony solar mount,agricultural solar bracket,photovoltaic fences,BIPV,floating systems,bracket accessories, etc.

  • Production capacity: 3 production lines, each with a daily capacity of 0.5~1MW and a total daily capacity of 1~3MW.

  • Project experience:

    Accumulated installation capacity:10GW+ ;

    Annual output:2GW+ ;

    Project experience:500+ ;

    Export volume:TOP10 ;

    Export country:100+

  • Customization capability:

    Material selection: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, galvanized magnesium aluminum and so on;

    Structural design: structural design can be made according to the customer's building structure and the layout of PV modules;

    Size customization: the size can be customized according to the customer's requirements in order to adapt to different sizes of components and installation space;

    Installation: can be customized according to the customer's installation requirements, such as roof mounting, ground mounting, etc.

  • Achievements:

    Awarded "Xiamen Most Growing Enterprise".

    Awarded "National High-tech Enterprise".

    Our products have passed TUV certification, CE certification, and ISO quality management system.

    Accumulated more than 30 honorary certificates and more than 70 invention patents.

  • Mission and Vision:

    Mission: to make PV mounting easier and more efficient, and to provide reliable support for the development of clean energy.

    Vision: To be the world's leading photovoltaic mounting company, to promote the popularization and application of renewable energy, and to contribute to the building of a green and sustainable future.

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