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1. Une grande flexibilité pour les systèmes solaires de toiture commerciaux et résidentiels
2. Une conception de rail brevetée et innovante
3. Une installation simple, gain de temps et d'argent
4. Un meilleur service, un support technique complet

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
Garantie 12 Années
Type Toit Plat
Encadrement du Panneau Cadrés
Orientation du Panneau Portrait
Types de Toit Acier
Angle d'inclinaison
10-60 °
Charge au Vent
216 km/h
Données Générales  
Matériaux de la Structure Aluminium
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Product Introduction

HQ Mount Flat Tin Roof designs with great flexibility both for commercial and residential roof system. Patented and Innovative rail design, AS/NZS 1170.2 certified mounting solution. Extra tilt angle maximize the solar panel output.

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Why HQ Mount?



Xiamen HQ Mount Co., Ltd.

Room 808, No.1 Building, Xinglin Bay Operations Center, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian
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Xiamen HQ Mount Tech. Co., Ltd. Founded in May, 2015


Team members have five to eight years’ experience in stress analysis and structure design optimization. Some of them have worked in famous international companies, i.e. ABB, Airbus.


Different from homogeneity products in the market, HQ insist on innovation, had intellectual property for several products and applied for some design patents. Also HQ cooperated with several university and third party testing institution, i.e., SGS, BV.


To meet the requirement of esteemed customers, HQ have invested a lot of money in advanced manufacture facility as follows:

a) Chin Fong Machine, Automatic Punching Machine 25 ~110T, 12;
b) Japan AIDA, Automatic Punching Machine 110~300T, 13;
c) (Oil) Hydraulic Press Machine 100~600T, 2;
d) Extrusion Machine 1000T, 2.

HQ have well-developed workshops, including assembly workshop with 1000 square meter, can offer punching, extrusion & forging products and assembly service.

Quality Control

Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development. HQ set up quality inspection center lab, which is approved and certified by CNAS, and is equipped with advanced inspection devices, i.e., three-dimension measurement machine, universal microscope, projector, hardness tester, salt spray test machine, Digital height gage / caliper / micrometer. Our inspection capabilities include:

a) Inspection of metal physical properties;
b) Dimensional measurement;
c) Testing of metal environmental endurance and corrosion resistance;
d) Physical performance inspection & testing of paint coated metallic parts;
e) Mechanical performance test of metallic parts.

Corporate Values

● People Oriented
● Innovation
● High Efficiency

Corporate Vision

● Strive to be the best solar mounting solution provider
● Promote the development of clean energy

Corporate Mission

● Focus on customer’s requirement
● Provide the competitive solar mounting solutions
● Sustained to create maximum value for customers

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Allie Tsang
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Betty Lai

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