Tile Roof Solar Mounting

Tile Roof Solar Mounting

Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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Région: Chine Chine
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1. High quality material: Aluminum AL6005-T5 and Stainless SUS304

2. Specific design: To meet different requirements of every client

3. Easy installation: Main parts pre-assembled to save cost and time at site

4. Long life span: Durable and weather-resistant for long-time running

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
Tile Roof Solar Mounting
Garantie 12 Années
Type Toit Incliné
Arrangement du Système de Montage Rangées
Encadrement du Panneau Cadrés, Non-cadrés
Orientation du Panneau Portrait, Paysage
Types de Toit Tuile
Inclinaison du Toit
0-30 °
Charge au Vent
216 km/h
Charge de neige
1,4 kN/m2
Données Générales  
Matériaux de la Structure Aluminium
Matériaux des Petites PièCes Acier Inoxydable

Pitched roof mounting solar tile roof hook Factory

  • This racking system can fit with frame or frameless solar panels of any size. And it’s commonly used for residential and commercial.

  • Thanks to the advanced module design, it can achieve easy-installation.

Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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Room 1203, 12th Floor, Building 02, Zone A, Phase III, Xiamen Software Park, 361022
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd..
Description de l'entreprise

Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., headquarter located in Xiamen port city, is an international hi-tech solar photovoltaic company. We provide first-class service through high-efficiency design and manufacture.

Our main service including:

1. Aluminum mounting system design and manufacture;

2. Entire solar system design and product supply.

We provide reasonable total solution for photovoltaic mounting system. All products are diversified and innovative, including inverter, panel, mounting, cables and other relative equipment. The performance of products is outstanding, and greatly improves the stability of photovoltaic power plant and investment benefits.

We have a professional and experienced team on solar farm and panel mounting system design. From grid-tied to off-grid system, from residence roof to large-scale solar power station, we provide the exact products that you need.


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