Fishing and Light Complementary Solar Mounting ...

Foshan Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.
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Région : Chine Chine
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  • Type: Toit Plat
  • Garantie: 12 Années
  • Angle d'inclinaison: 5-15 °
  • Charge au Vent: 216 km/h
  • Charge de neige: 153 kg/m2
  • Matériaux de la Structure: Aluminium, Acier Inoxydable
  • Petites pièces: --
  • Orientation du Panneau: Paysage
  • Encadrement du Panneau: Cadrés, Non-cadrés
  • Poids: --

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
Garantie 15 Années
Type Montage au Sol
Arrangement du Système de Montage Rangées
Orientation du Panneau Portrait, Paysage
Charge au Vent
144 km/h
Charge de neige
142.86 kg/m2
Données Générales  
Matériaux de la Structure Acier Galvanisé
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Foshan Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.

Shangnan International Building, No. 7 Nanfeng Road, Yundonghai , Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong
Effectif: 200
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Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.

Geco designs, engineers, and manufactures the world’s most advanced solar mounting systems. Our company leads the industry by focusing on one thing: giving our clients the most reliable solar PV mounting systems at the lowest cost in the least time. Geco’s management systems are advanced and streamlined, and our engineering team is experienced and innovative. We are professionals, able to completely focus our efforts on whatever unique solar PV system or related solar PV products our clients require: rooftop or ground mounted, single-axis tracking, agricultural/greenhouse, or specialized projects such as fisheries or light-complementary PV systems, or customized ground screw. We further support our mounting systems with consulting, planning, engineering, installation training and after sale services. Our products and services are available around the globe, and Geco intends to be recognized as the world’s leading PV brand. To earn this distinction, we combine total commitment to our clients’ exact needs with total commitment to our products and services; we use the most up-to-date designs and production technologies; and we verify every step with the highest quality-control standards in the solar industry.

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Contact Face
Ruby Yu

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