Aluminum Ground Mounting Systems

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Landpower Solar Mounting is cost-effective solution for Open Field installation:
1, Easy installation. Components pre-assembled into few units ensure fast installation.
2,Cost-effective. Unit price just from 0.056 usd per watt for this Aluminium material.
3,Many Mega Watt Concrete Projects installed for your reference!!
4,Contact us for distributorship.

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
Aluminum Ground Mounting Systems
Garantie 12 Années
Type Montage au Sol
Arrangement du Système de Montage Rangées, Colonnes
Encadrement du Panneau Cadrés, Non-cadrés
Orientation du Panneau Portrait, Paysage
Angle d'inclinaison
5-60 °
Charge au Vent
216 km/h
Charge de neige
142,8 kN/m2
Données Générales  
Largeur du panneau
1970-992 mm
Matériaux de la Structure Aluminium, Acier Galvanisé
Matériaux des Petites PièCes Aluminium, Acier Inoxydable, Acier Galvanisé
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 Landpower Aluminium Portrait Ground Mounting System (Almost 100% of solar rack components are made of Aluminum ) is equipped with components which made of aluminum for mounting on concrete strip foundations or ground screw. This system highlight quick installation, delivered by preassembled parts, it highly minimized the installation processes. It provides a strong and sturdy mounting structure that is suitable for use in high wind and snow load environments.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                

Installation Site:   Open field
Wind Load:   Up to 60m/s
Snow Load:   1.4KN/m
Applicable Module:   Framed or Frameless

Module Orientation:   Portrait or Landscape

Foundation:  Ground Screw or Concrete

Main Material:   100% Anodized Aluminum
Fastener Material:   Stainless Steel  
Warranty:Ten years warranty and twenty years’ service life.


The Components of this systems is highly pre-assembled as blow:

  *Ground Screw: Landpower engineer various Ground Screws for different soil conditions; 

  *The Pre-assembled Support: The Ground Mounting Supports come with pre-assembled,

    please see unfold support below:

Ground Mounting Installation

It is quite easy to install this Solar Ground Mounting Systems due to the most of parts are highly pre-assembled, especially the Ground Mounting Support: 




                                                                                   (Ground Screw Foundation)                                                 (Concrete Foundation)


1, Fast Installation

Most of parts is pre-assembled, especially the supporting leg, together with feature of tilt-in T module design, the system dramatically reduce the installation processes onsite.
2, Flexible Application
This system not only can be installed on ground screw for standard circumstance but also installed on concrete foundation for tricky terrain like soft or rocky ground.
3, Economical
The mounting structure is a cost effective mounting solution. Long rail spans reduces the number of necessary supports and foundations, which also reduces the material cost. The quantity of components can be required and sold according to project specific calculations. The various components can be kept in stock to shorten time between planning and installation.
4, Long lifespan

All mounting structural components are made of high anodized aluminum alloy, their high resistance to corrosion and complete recyclability, they are designed for twenty-year service life and backed by ten years warranty.


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We engineer and design Solar Racking/Mounting Hardware for specific solar projects, there may not list all the details of racking in the web,therefore,please don't hesitate to contact us for more details for your specific projects.pls click there for more details:  Landpower Solar Ground Mounting Systems

Xiamen Landpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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Landpower is a leading Solar Mounting Systems Manufacturer. We have been engineering and manufacturing Solar Mounting Structure for 12 years. We have rich experience both in load calculations on steel and aluminum structure, and Aluminum Extrusion and processing. Landpower has been standing for first class quality in metal processing,We are developing and manufacturing mounting solutions for solar farms,flat roofs,pitched roofs and solar carports,our mounting systems are successfully installed on all around the world for 50s countries.

Our know-how both on mounting solutions designing and Metal processing ensure us to delivery you best solutions with supreme quality. We take customer’s satisfaction as our priority and keep innovation on design,our mission is to deliver high value and cost-effective solar mounting system to make solar installation easy.

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