Zhejiang Chisage New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
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Type: Hybride
Gamme de Puissance: --
Région: Chine Chine
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LCD, IP65 protection degree

100% unbalanced output; each phase max output up to 50% rated power

Max 9 pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation

6 time periods for battery charging/discharging

DC coupled and AC coupled to retrofit existing solar system

Max charging/discharging current of 240A

Support storing energy from diesel generator

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
8,8 kW 11 kW 13,2 kW
€1 830 / Unité €1 920 / Unité €1 970 / Unité
Garantie (Min)
5 Années 5 Années 5 Années
Entrée (DC)  
Puissance DC Maximum
10,4 kW 13 kW 15,6 kW
Tension DC minimum
160 V 160 V 160 V
Courant DC maximum
26 A 39 A 39 A
Plage de Tension MPP(T)
200~650 V 200~650 V 200~650 V
Nombre de Branche MPPT
2 2 2
Sortie DC
2 3 3
Sortie (AC)  
Puissance AC Maximum
8,8 kW 11 kW 13,2 kW
Tension AC nominal
220, 230, 400 V 220, 230, 400 V 220, 230, 400 V
Courant AC maximum
35,6 A 44,4 A 53,4 A
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Taux de distorsion harmonique (THD)
< 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
Nombres de phases d'alimentation
3 3 3
Efficacité maximum
97,6 % 97,6 % 97,6 %
Efficacité européene
97 % 97 % 97 %
Données Générales  
Dimensions (H/L/P)
422x699x279 mm 422x699x279 mm 422x699x279 mm
33,6 kg 33,6 kg 33,6 kg
Température d'utilisation -25 ~ +60 ℃
Classe de Protection IP65
Refroidissement Ventilateur
Interface RS 485
Caractéristiques de Protection  
Caractéristiques de Protection Îlot de Protection, Protection Surtention, Protection Surintensité, Disjoncteur, Protection contre l'inversion des Polarités
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Product Details

Chisage ESS is the holding subsidiary of the Chisage group, founded in 1998.

Our IP65 three-phase hybrid inverters are available in 8kw, 10kw, and 12kw models, and the maximum PV input power is up to 15600W. There are 6 time periods for battery charging or discharging with a maximum current of 240A. Diesel generation, AC coupled, and intelligent load are supported in our inverter. Our products can fully meet your home power needs and are hot selling in South Africa.


Company Introduction

About US

Chisage ESS is the holding subsidiary of Chisage group who was founded in 1998. After over 20 years of accumulation and growth, we have developed into a modern enterprise with more than 5,000 employees, and 4.5 billion USD in sales revenue. Our business range has been across six major fields, including apparel, commodities, audio core material, renewable energy and material, health, and industrial investment.

Our headquarter is located in Ningbo city, China. We have a very professional R&D team for energy storage systems and hybrid inverter technology. Now we have over 1.5GWh manufacturing capacity for lithium iron phosphate battery packs and 1GW for inverters.

Our main products for battery packs include the low voltage 51.2V/100Ah and 200Ah lithium battery packs and high voltage 115.2V/72Ah and 100Ah lithium battery packs. About the hybrid inverters, we have 3kW-20kW on and off-grid hybrid and 3kW -10kW off-grid for households, and 30kW-150kW hybrid inverters for commercial and industrial applications, which can be connected with solar +battery+ DG. We also have the all-in-one hybrid generator with 5kW/10kWh,10kWh/20kWh for household, and 100kW/200kWh, 250kW/500kWh solar+ESS hybrid all-in-one cabinets for commercial and industrial applications.

We manufacture with innovation and reliability. Dedicate to delivering the customers our best solutions.

Production Line


Zhejiang Chisage New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

+86 1505 7491 826
No. 1828, Fuqing South Rd, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 31500
Effectif: 500
Maison Mère: Chisage Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Le produit n'est plus fabriqué.
Description de l'entreprise

Chisage ESS is the holding subsidiary of Chisage Group, founded in 1998. After more than two decades of growth, it has 358 employees, including 53 experienced R&D staff, 20 overseas engineers, 32 technical support staff, and 15 after-sales service staff.

With 6 high-tech production lines, its annual output is over 50,000 pcs. Chisago ESS also has branch offices and showrooms in 6 countries including Germany, South Africa, Lebanon, Pakistan, Italy, and Hungary.

Vidéos du Produit
Production Line

Mars Series

Chisage ESS Three Phase Low-Voltage

5/6/8/10/12/14KW Hybrid Inverter

5 years warranty

IP65 protection degree

<5ms on/off-grid switching time

20pcs paralleled in off-grid mode

150% unbalanced output

7-inch colorful LCD touch

Compatible with multi-brand lithium batteries

Independent AC input port for diesel generator

Support different power inverters' parallel connection

Support battery charging/discharging according to the time setting

Support smart load function

ARC fault detection optional

Link Series

Chisage ESS Residential Low-Voltage

5/10/15/20kWh LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Class A battery cells

6000+ cycles lifetime

IP65 protection degree

5 years warranty

Modular & Stacked Lithium Battery

High inverter compatibility

Safe LiFePO4 rechargeable battery

User-Friendly Handle Design

Quick connector and auto battery address setting

Independent BMS and SOC indicator for each module

About US

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