TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
Type: Réseau
Gamme de Puissance: 550~2200 kW
Région : Chine Chine
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1. Machine protection IP54, control part of the protection IP65 extremely reliable
2. Three-level circuit with maximum efficiency > 99%
3. High power density, footprint than traditional models by 50%
4. The second generation suppresses and repairs the PID effect function to improve the life of the PV system

Caractéristiques du produit

No. de Modèle
TC500KH-O TC1000KH-O TC1500KH-O TC2000KH-O
Entrée (DC)  
Puissance DC maximum
567 kW 1134 kW 1701 kW 2268 kW
Tension DC maximum
1000 V 1000 V 1000 V 1000 V
Courant DC maximum
1181 A 2363 A 3544 A 4725 A
Plage de tension MPP(T)
480~850 V 480~850 V 480~850 V 480~850 V
Nombre de Branche MPPT
1 2 3 4
Sortie DC
8 16 24 32
Sortie (AC)  
Puissance AC maximum
550 kW 1100 kW 1650 kW 2200 kW
Courant AC maximum
1008 A 2016 A 3024 A 4033 A
50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Cosφ (directive de tension moyenne)
0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9
Taux de distorsion harmonique (THD)
< 3 % < 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
Efficacité maximum
99 % 99 % 99 % 99 %
Données Générales  
Dimensions (H/L/P)
2400x881x1070 mm 2400x1734x1070 mm 2400x2587x1070 mm 2400x3440x1070 mm
1000 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg 4000 kg
Consommation propre durant la nuit
< 80 W < 160 W < 240 W < 320 W
Température d'utilisation -25 ~ +60 ℃
Humidité 5-95 %
Refroidissement Ventilateur
Altitude maximum 4000 m
Interface RS 485
Exposition LCD
Caractéristiques de Protection  
Caractéristiques de Protection Protection Surcharge, Protection surtention, Protection surintensité, Surveillance réseau
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Company Culture

Our mission is to provide high quality and efficient green energy to the society

Company Honor

Company Strength

Expert Team

R&D Capability

After decades of development, the Company has accumulated substantial experience in PV power generation technology research. For years, it has established a long-term industry-university-research cooperation and exchange platform with domestically wellknown power electronics research teams from Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, etc., effectively complemented each other's advantages, accelerated conversion of sci-tech achievements, cultivated and founded a quality research and development team, doctors and masters as the core, 60% with master or higher degrees.

Production Capacity

At present, TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has founded PV on-grid control equipment G-wattleve production bases in Xi’an and Hami, whose annual capacity is more than 3GW. Built and put into production earlier 2013, Xi’an Plant is located in Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone, occupying an area of 8,977.5㎡ . Its monthly capacity of inverter is able to reach over 300MW. It accomplished 2.5GW assembly and debugging task in 2014; located in Guangdong Industrial Park, Hami, Hami Plant was initially put into production earlier 2014. In an area of 4,986㎡, its monthly capacity of inverter is able to reach over 100MW.

Currently, main products manufactured by the Company include PV grid-connected inverter, combiner box, MW-integrated room and AC/DC power distribution cabinet. The workshop is divided into area of large-power assembly, area of small and mediumpower assembly, area of semi-finished product assembly, area of circuit panel debugging, area of equipment debugging and area of package and shipment.


Excellent products and services, remarkable brand image and market reputation. Currently, the Company has established long-term stable partnerships with “five major power generation companies, four power giants and two power grid operators”, Hanergy Holding Group Limited., Yingli Solar, Trina Solar., JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. and other large civil enterprises.


TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 70, 4th Shanglinyuan Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi
Effectif: 2,100
Maison mère : TBEA Co., Ltd.
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TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xi’an High and Tech Development Zone, is a branch of TBEA. As a national high and new tech enterprise, it is specialized in the development of solar photovoltaic grid-connected control equipment, intelligent microgrid bidirectional converters, new energy vehicle charging facilities and distributed grid power quality management products.

With the R&D and manufacturing experience of electrical devices in the past 70 years inherited from TBEA, the company also owns a professional R&D team which is mainly formed by doctors and masters. Firmly focusing on the development of photovoltaic grid connected control equipment, the company works under a concept of environment-friendly, reliability and efficiency. And now, the company has established R&D Centers and GW production bases in Xi’an and Hami, whose annual capacity is able to be beyond 3GW.

The company has successively undertaken “11th national five year plan” science-technology key programs and more than thirty provincial scientific research projects. It has become the unit of national 863 key projects, who is responsible for “Research on Hundred-megawatt PV System Design and Integration Technology and Development of Key Equipment “and” Development of PV,Micro-grid bidirectional Inverter and Research on Key Technology”. The company is one of the enterprises which has mastered a number of core technology independent research and development in PV grid inverter field.

Through consistent efforts, the company now has accomplished the development of the full range of the 3kW-2000kW grid-connectedinverters, and the products have passed the authoritative industry certification such as CQC, TUV, VDE, CE, G59, BDEW, SAA, UL, and LVRT. The latest R&D success is the 500kW three-level modular machine and its north-American version, that has passed the ULmachine approval and UL lab approval for one time.In the future, the company will uphold the development concept of innovation and diversification, and will insist the development mode of science innovation. Aiming to provide high quality and high efficiency green energy to the society and with the goal of being aninternational first class power electronics equipment supplier, the company will make continuous efforts to improve itself and to reach its goal.

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