Pixon Green Energy Private Limited
Type: Séchage Rapide
Région: Inde Inde
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Pixon Green Energy Private Limited.


PIXON Fast Cure EVA Films are particularly designed for improving the durability and increasing the performance of solar modules and are suitable for all types of crystalline and thin-film PV modules with shorter cycling time that speeds up your module production with excellent transparency, high reflectivity, increased production yield, snail trail resistance, PID-resistance, and so on.

Caractéristiques du Produit

Caractéristiques du Produit  
Type Séchage Rapide
Epaisseur 0,45 mm
Largeur ≤1335 mm
Longueur du rouleau 140-150 m
Contenu de l’acétate de vinyle 28 %
Indice de Fluidité 25 g/10min
Densité 0,96 g/cm3
Dureté (Shore A) 65-75
Contenu du Gel ≥75 %
Caractéristiques de stabilité  
Résistance à la Traction 15 Mpa
Allongement 500 %
Résistance au Pelage (Encapsulants – Verre) ≥75 N/cm
Résistance au Pelage (Encapsulants - Film Face Arrière) ≥75 N/cm
Contraction Thermique (Largeur / TD) ≤2 %
Résistance transversale >1x10 ^15 Ω·cm
Caractéristiques optiques et thermiques  
Transmission de la Lumière ≥91 %
Longueur d'onde de coupure des UV 360 nm
Indice de réfraction 1,48
Point de Fusion 67-73 °C
Délai de traitement  
Temps d’aspiration 4-6 min
Temps de Laminage 2-3 min
Température du séchage 140-150 °C
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Pixon Green Energy Private Limited

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2nd Floor, Star Avenue, Nr. Moti Tanki Chowk, Gymkhana Road, Rajkot, 360001, Gujarat
Maison Mère: Marwadi Shares & Finance Limited
Remarque: Votre demande sera envoyée directement à Pixon Green Energy Private Limited.

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Khushbu Mehta
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Description de l'entreprise

The company is equipped with a cutting-edge, 400 MW maximum turnkey production capacity. The combination of a young team, led by veteran players, makes PIXON adaptable for creative pursuits and cutting-edge innovations. PIXON focuses on offering effective solar energy solutions and products all around the world and enhancing and contributing to the sustainability of the global climate.

In addition, we also offer floating solar systems, rooftop solar solutions, and ground-mounted solar solutions. Lastly, we are into assembling EVA films. PIXON houses a cleanroom environment facility to a 1 GW manufacturing line for EVA films.

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Rajkot Jamnagar Highway, Depaliya, Near Ram Aashram, Padadhari Rajkot – 360110. Gujarat.
A-410, Ratnakar Nine Square, Opp. ITC Narmada, Keshav Baug To Mansi Circle Road, Ahmedabad – 380015. Gujarat.

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