192V 30A-300A

Jinan Deming Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
A partir de €252 / Unité
Technologie: MPPT
Garantie: 2 Années
Région : Chine Chine
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1. Wide DC input voltage range
2. Adopt multiple-circuit charging-control circuit and individual killer switch on each circuit
3. With auto protection function of over charge, electronic short circuit, anti-reverse protection. Prevent the battery group reverse charging to the solar panel array at night
4. Add the protection function of charge module. When batteries are broken or open circuit, inverter power the loads directly via controller, the charge module wont be damaged
5. Big LCD screen. Multi- strings input, the solar panel voltage, current, instantaneous power, accumulated power

Caractéristiques du Produit

No. de Modèle
192V30A 192V50A 192V60A 192V80A 192V100A 192V150A 192V200A 192V300A
5800 W 9600 W 11500 W 15400 W 19200 W 28800 W 38400 W 57600 W
€252 / Unité €271 / Unité €326 / Unité €543 / Unité €569 / Unité €1020 / Unité €1360 / Unité €2030 / Unité
Caractéristiques électriques  
Puissance d'entrée Solaire Max.
5800 W 9600 W 11500 W 15400 W 19200 W 28800 W 38400 W 57600 W
Tension @ Max. Puissance d'entrée Solaire
290 VDC 290 VDC 290 VDC 290 VDC 290 VDC 290 VDC 290 VDC 290 VDC
Max. Panneau Solaire Tension en Circuit Ouvert
500 V 500 V 500 V 500 V 500 V 500 V 500 V 500 V
Tension du Système Nominale (Batterie)
192 V 192 V 192 V 192 V 192 V 192 V 192 V 192 V
Courant de Charge Maximale de la Batterie
30 A 50 A 60 A 80 A 100 A 150 A 200 A 300 A
≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA ≤ 150 mA
Données Générales  
Dimensions (H/L/P)
720x570x230 mm 720x570x230 mm 720x570x230 mm 720x570x230 mm 720x570x230 mm 690x590x1300 mm 690x590x1300 mm 700x620x1620 mm
28.00 Kg 28.00 Kg 28.00 Kg 28.00 Kg 26.00 Kg 115.00 Kg 120.00 Kg 145.00 Kg
Flotteur la Tension de Charge
220.0 V 220.0 V 220.0 V 220.0 V 220.0 V 220.0 V 220.0 V 220.0 V
Type de Batterie GEL, AGM, VLA, Li-ion
Etapes de Charge Flotteur, Equilibrage
Coéfficient de Compensation de Temperature -4mV/°C@2V
Eventail de Compensation de Température -35 ~ +80 °C
Classe de Protection IP 20, IP 65
Gamme de Température -30 ~ +60 °C
Humidité 0 - 90 %
Altitude Max. 3000 m
Ports de Communication RJ 45, Ethernet, RS 232, USB, RS 485, WLAN
Exposition LCD, LED
Langue Anglais, Chinois, Japonais, Coréen, Français, Espagnol, Allemand, Italien
Capteur de Température Oui
Mode de Refroidissement Ventilateur
Caractéristiques de Protection  
Caractéristiques de Protection Résistance aux Court-Circuits, Protection de Polarité Inverse du Solaire, Protection de Surtenion du Solaire, Protection du Courant Inverse du Solaire Durant la Nuit, Protection de Polarité Inverse de la Batterie, Protection Surcharge, Protection de Surcharge, Protection de Déchargement, Protection Contre les Températures élevées
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● Design for off-grid solar power system.

 Applicable to different kinds of batteries.

 Adopts MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The advanced tracking algorithm make the solar module operate at ideal voltage which the solar modules can produce the maximum available power. 

  Modular design with simple structure and easy maintenance.

  Automatic power control function.

  LCD display: Solar panel current, solar panel voltage, solar panel power, battery group voltage, charge current.

 Perfect protection function: Solar reverse charge protection, Solar reverse connection protection, Battery reverse connection protection, Battery overcharge protection, Battery over current protection etc, thus the system has higher reliability.

About us

Jinan Deming Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the design & manufacturing solar and wind power equipments. Main products include controller of off-grid wind turbine generator, controller of grid-connected wind turbine generator, solar energy controller, wind-solar hybrid controller, wind-solar hybrid streetlight controller and inverter, etc.

Deming takes technical innovation as fundamental, with more than 10 technicians, including 1 doctoral supervisor and 5 masters. We are cooperating with Shandong University, Shandong Construction University and Shanghai Engineering Technology University and invest not less than 20% of sales revenue every year for the new technology development such as EMCON of wind turbine, MPPT application and remote monitoring of hybrid solar wind power system, etc . Now we have three National Invention Patents of core technology and the wind turbine control technology has reached the international advanced level. 

The products are manufactured under perfect quality guarantee system, with quality control adopted in each aspect of the production process. All equipments must be strictly tested before delivery to make sure the properties are superior to relevant national standard. All products have passed CE and UL certificate.


Jinan Deming Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

Building 2, No. 8666, Second Ring North Road, Ji'nan, Shandong
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