Ingeteam Powered 47MW PV Plants in the United Kingdom

Publié le 1 juil. 2015
Ingeteam Power Technology Energy 
The Raventhorpe Plant, situated in Lincolnshire, has a total power of 40MW with a field extension of 77 hectares, has been completed and connected to the public grid in March. The plant has been equipped with Ingeteam Inverter series Ingecon® Sun PowerStation with 2.33MVA each.

Moreover, at the same time have been delivered and connected to the public grid other 7MW of Ingecon® Sun PowerStation for the Roanhead Plant installed in the County of Cumbria.

The inverters have been supplied inside the Ingecon® Sun PowerStation SHE22 - 2.8MW. All devices required for a medium voltage multi-megawatt system have been incorporated into a single shelter longer only 22 feet, the smallest Power Station available in the market, with three separate compartments, easily transportable by road thanks to its small dimensions and low weight.

Furthermore, for both plants Ingeteam realized the supply of the Combiner Boxes Ingecon® Sun String Control, the monitoring and control system Ingecon® Sun SCADA, the Ingecon® EMS Plant Controller and the Customer Substations.

Source: Ingeteam
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