Exco Solar Completed 200KW Tracking System for Yingli Solar

Publié le 23 avr. 2015
Exco Solar  Yingli Green Energy 
Exco Solar recently announced a completion of 200KW solar tracking system project for YingLi Solar in HeBei, China. According to the deal, 792 pcs of 250W polycrystallineYingli panel be supported by 73 units of Exco tilted single axis solar tracking mounting system which will increase solar system energy output upto 25% to 30% compared with the traditional fixed mounting solutions, to supply for the local farming greenhouses.

The project was starting construction on Jan 15. 2015, completed construction by Feb 14. 2015, completion site testing and commssioning at March 10, 2015. 

The CMO of Exco Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Mr.Jeff Mai said, "As the solar energy industry are seeking for more efficient way in solar energy generation, solar tracking system are the becaming more and more popular in the solar market, Exco Solar’s sophisticated engineering team have been working on this more cost-efficient new generation solar tracking system, Exco Solar tracking system since 2013. We are now sucessfessfully launched it in the market and praised by the high-end customer. This encourages us that we can win such recognition again from high-standard customers, with our long experience in solar plant development and construction experience, we will continue to grow, to accumulate even more experience, and to better service all of our customers."

Source: Exco Solar
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