Martifer Solar Completes Five Plants Totaling 57.8MW in the UK

Publié le 15 avr. 2015
Martifer Group 
Martifer Solar has connected five plants ahead of the 31st March deadline under the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme. The five plants have a combined installed capacity of 57.8MW and were built for several prestigious clients.

The connected plants range in size from 7.7 – 18.7MW and are installed throughout the UK. Four sites are located in England, in the counties of Devon, Essex, Leicestershire and Cornwall. One of the sites is located in the county of Caerphilly in South Wales.

Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar, said, “We are proud to demonstrate yet another success as a result of our hard work and investment in the UK market. With these achievements, Martifer Solar continues to show its commitment to the development and implementation of solar PV on a global level. The development experience we have gained through our track record in the UK will be vital for our upcoming projects to be completed throughout emerging markets and other parts of Europe in the next few years.”

The five plants were installed on an area of approximately 105 hectares, using around 218.000 polycrystalline modules. The plants are expected to produce an estimated 55GWh/year. With this production capacity, the plants will offset 25.126 tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis, which is sufficient energy to power more than 79.000 inhabitants in the UK per year.

Filinto Martins, Head of Business Development in Europe for Martifer Solar, added, “This achievement of five new plants connected successfully within the ROC deadline represents another milestone along Martifer Solar’s successful path as an established Developer in the UK. Despite any current industry hurdles, we are confident that solar will continue to prosper in the country and currently we are developing a sustainable portfolio of around 100MW of new projects.”

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