Risen Energy's 99MW PV Project Put on Record

Publié le 19 mars 2015
Risen Energy 
Risen Energy's 99MW PV project was put on record by Zhengjiang Province Development and Reform Commission on March 13.

Invested in and constructed by a subsidiary of Risen Energy, the address of the project is in Shepantu area, Ninghai county, with the construction plan for about 99MW and involving an investment of RMB 707.81 million. What is more, 692 acre of fish ponds will be used to construct the PV system and other facilities and the project will provide 232.098 billion KWh in 25 years, yielding as much power as 835.6 thousand tons of coal. It is therefore a new green energy project with both economic and social benefits

Lin Haifeng, chairman of Risen Energy said: "The enterprise is devoted to generating solar power energy in 2015 with the mission of changing the energy structure by technological innovation to improve people's lives. It comes with the backing of Premier Li Keqiang regarding the development of new energies including solar. The subsidiary also will develop more PV station projects to create economic benefits and develop the new energy."

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