Power Electronics Commissioned 65MW PV Plant in UK

Publié le 4 déc. 2014
Power Electronics 
Power Electronics has successfully commissioned five of their latest Freesun Power Plant Controller 2.0 in ground mounted PV plants located in the United Kingdom. A total of 65MW of Freesun HE and HEC PV inverters are running day and night under the P and Q commands that the Freesun PPC sends by Modbus TCP. The inverters curtail active and reactive power according to the VRS and PF control algorithms, the PPC monitors the Point of Interconnection, at any time securing a pre-set performance of the plant.

Kingsland, Abots, Migai, Little Morton, Tillhouse and Spitleborough PV plants are the first from a pipeline of about 200MW that will be installed by April 2015. Additional functionalities are running in Beta version complying with the latest utility requirements defined by UKPN.

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