Znshine Solar to Deliver Solar Modules for 31MW Power Plant in Japan

Publié le 16 sept. 2014
Znshine Solar 
Znshine Solar will deliver Solar modules for the construction of a 31MW Solar power plant in Hamada, Shimane province, Japan. The power plant is fully owned by Znshine Group.

The overall project capacity of the Hamada power plant is 31MW, of which 11MW will be set up in a first phase, followed by further 20MW. The overall investment will be of 10 billion JPY (around 72 million EUR), and will benefit of a Feed-In-Tariff of 42 JPY per kWh.

The project will be built, developed and funded by the Znshine Group. Solar modules by Znshine Solar will be employed in the Hamada project, namely polycrystalline modules with 250W power, while the construction will be carried out by the EPC company Power Max, affiliated with the Znshine Group. 

The CEO of Znshine Solar, William Wang, comments: "The Japanese PV market has grown impressively in the past few years, and has huge potential. Since Znshine Solar has entered the Japanese market, the sales of our Solar modules has expanded at high speed, further driven by the steady expansion of development and construction of power plants by the Znshine Group. The Hamada project has won both Znshine Group and Znshine Solar widespread support, and this has given widespread recognition and encouragement for our company. In the future, Znshine Solar will further expand its cooperations in the Japanese market and strive to obtain even higher achievements. We hope that this project and further projects that we will develop in the future will catalyze the interest of investors not only in Eastern Asia, but worldwide."

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