Hanwha SolarOne Welcomes New President

Publié le 1 nov. 2012
Hanwha SolarOne 

Today, Min-Su Kim is officially onboard as Hanwha SolarOne's President. Mr. Kim brings valuable solar industry experience and expertise to this position, which he will leverage to realize Hanwha SolarOne's goal of becoming a leading solar company.

Throughout his 25 years at Hanwha Group, Mr. Kim has distinguished himself as a visionary, forward-thinking leader with strategic insights into a wide range of business areas. From 2008 to 2010, he served in the Corporate Planning Team of Hanwha Chemical, where he successfully expanded Hanwha Chemical's business portfolio to include solar energy, biopharmaceuticals, rechargeable battery materials and nanotechnology. In particular, Mr. Kim was part of the team that directed Hanwha Group's entry into the solar industry. His passion for solar as well as deep industry knowledge and insights will bring unquestioned value to his new position.

"I am honored and excited to be part of Hanwha SolarOne as we work to build an even brighter future under the sun," said Mr. Kim. "In my new role, I will focus on building Hanwha into a total solar energy solution provider founded on innovation and excellence. Our latest milestone — the acquisition of Hanwha Q.CELLS — brings us closer to this vision. By fusing the synergies between these two great companies, we will propel Hanwha SolarOne to become a leader in the solar industry."

Ki-Joon Hong, Chairman and CEO of Hanwha SolarOne stated, "We are extremely fortunate to have this seasoned Hanwha executive join our team. Mr. Kim has been a vital part of Hanwha's commitment to excellence in solar. He brings a wealth of achievement and experience to this role, and I am confident that he will lead us to become the world's biggest brand in solar."

Apart from Mr. Kim's appointment, Hanwha SolarOne has also appointed Mr. Jeong-Eui Hong as the company's new chief technology officer. He will work with Mr. Kim to oversee the development of PV technology with both short-term and long-term market applications. 


Source: Hanwha SolarOne
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