Parabel's Krempendorf Solar Park Begins to Take Shape

Publié le 13 juil. 2012

At the end of June 2012, the 40.5MW Jännersdorf solar park in Brandenburg (Prignitz, in the municipality of Marienfliess) was completed and commenced operation in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The "sister" project in Krempendorf, which is roughly 10km away, is designed to achieve an output of 50MW and is Parabel AG's next major construction project.

The solar power plant is being constructed on a roughly 70-hectare site that forms part of the former Jännersdorf military training area. Four project companies have been founded, which will each implement between 8 and 20MW.

"We know how demanding it will be to get this plant into operation by 30 September. However, with the implementation of Jännersdorf we have impressively demonstrated that we can construct large-scale parks in a very short space of time," explains Jürgen Will, CEO of Parabel AG. "For two of the project companies with a total of 32MW we're still looking for an investor, and we're confident that we'll be able to find one at short notice."

Parabel has secured all necessary grid connections as well as additional ones. During the next two years, the company is planning to connect further projects to the grid in the Prignitz region with a total capacity of around 80MW.

"As with Jännersdorf, we are receiving exemplary support during the approval procedures for Krempendorf solar park from both the local community and the responsible authorities," adds Jürgen Will. "The experience of those responsible with renewable energy projects – the area around Meyenburg is already near the top of the rankings in Germany – has proved very helpful in implementing the project."

Despite the difficult first half of the year for the solar power industry, Parabel is now confident that the Marienfliess Solar Cluster – which consists of Jännersdorf and Krempendorf solar parks – can soon be completed with its originally planned 90MW.


Source: Parabel
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