Sputnik Supplies Contracts for 61.4MW in The UK

Publié le 11 déc. 2013

The Swiss inverter manufacturer Sputnik Engineering (SolarMax) is carrying out five large-scale photovoltaics projects in the London area in cooperation with partner companies. For the projects, a total of 127 SolarMax 360TS-SV central inverters will be installed in 65 SolarMax TS-SV Compact Stations.

"We are delighted that we have been commissioned with the delivery of the inverters for these ambitious large-scale projects in the London metropolis area. This shows that high quality standards and rapid availability pay off," says Daniel Freudiger, SolarMax Regional Manager D/A/CH & UK. "Particularly in view of the increasing need for energy world-wide and the increase in energy prices, it is important to implement further large-scale PV projects. These projects are an economic and sustainable alternative to conventional power plants." 

The five ground-mounted plants with a total power output of 61.4 megawatts will be completed by the end of March 2014; the first SolarMax products have already been delivered.

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