Kuwait's First PV Plant Underpinned by Skytron Energy's Monitoring Solution

Publié le 26 nov. 2013
November 25, 2013 – skytron energy have completed the installation of their supervision system for Kuwait's first solar power plant, in cooperation with their partner company in Abu Dhabi, Enviromena Power Systems. The 117KWp plant was initiated by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) with the aim of raising awareness about sustainable energy production and of accelerating the country's drive towards photovoltaics.

In order to fit the plant's Japanese TMEIC (Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation) 250KW solar inverter seamlessly into the overall plant communication concept, skytron energy developed a new data-exchange interface for their real-time data logging and monitoring system. In this way, their extensive range of compatible inverters is to be kept in line with the fast developing market for photovoltaic systems in the Middle and Far East.

The plant's energy production and equipment status are permanently displayed and supervised using skytron energy's PVGuard control room platform.

"skytron energy, more known for their involvement in solar projects of utility scale, have always loyally accompanied us in our renewable energy projects - even with training sessions in their Berlin-based training centre. For the Kuwait project, they impressed us with their readiness to develop a new interface so that we could use the Mitsubishi inverter with their monitoring system", confirms Ayham Mkalalati, Business Development Manager of Enviromena Power Systems.

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