FLEXcon Provides Backsheet for Spire's New Bill of Materials

Publié le 17 sept. 2012
FLEXcon  Spire Solar 

FLEXcon has collaborated with Spire Corporation and Arkema Inc. to develop a new photovoltaic module design and bill of materials (BOM). The BOM recently achieved the Master UL Listing by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). This newly approved BOM is the third to be added to Spire's recommended BOM's which, when adopted can result in cost savings for the solar module manufacturer. FLEXcon selected a FLEXcon multiGUARD® UL approved backsheet as a critical component of the solar module design.

Arkema worked closely with FLEXcon to develop the FLEXcon multiGUARD backsheet and provided support in selecting the components for the BOM. This module will provide Spire's customers with a greater selection when choosing a module design and BOM that is pre-approved by UL.

UL has tested and evaluated Spire's solar module design and determined that it meets the UL 1703 standards for safety and performance. Spire customers can receive the UL mark of approval within three weeks as opposed to a typical four months lead time from competitors that do not have the UL listing. In addition, start-up costs to enter the U.S. market can be significantly lower for Spire customers.

"Backsheets are a key component to building a safe and effective solar module design," said Michelle Ostiguy, Director, Photovoltaic & Barrier, FLEXcon. "Spire's customers can be confident that they are deploying a module using a BOM that is UL certified, low cost and offers the most readily available components of the highest quality. FLEXcon is proud to have worked with two industry leaders, Spire and Arkema to deliver this exciting offering to the marketplace." 


Source: FLEXcon
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