German-Turkish Company KosiFrankensolar Erects 500KW PV Plants in Antalya, Turkey

Publié le 23 sept. 2013
Sept. 18, 2013 - By erecting a 500KW roof-integrated PV system in Antalya, KosiFrankensolar, a Turkish affiliate of the Nuremberg-based FR-Frankensolar GmbH, implements its first major project in the Turkish solar market. 

In cooperation with the Turkish enterprises Inform A.Ş. and Dagsan Solon A.Ş, the German-Turkish company KosiFrankensolar has erected its first 500KW roof-integrated PV system on the roofs of Süral A.Ş.'s production facility in Antalya. For this project, modules and inverters of German and Chinese manufacturers were used, which were delivered by the German parent company FR-Frankensolar GmbH headquartered in Nuremberg. The system was put into service at the end of August and has since then supplied large parts of Süral A.Ş.'s production with solar power.

Frankensolar and Kosi Solar established their partnership in April 2013. The cooperation under the joint name KosiFrankensolar is aimed at the joint and sustainable development of the emerging Turkish photovoltaic market.

KosiFrankensolar will both act as a wholesaler and be in charge of future projects.

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