Solectria Renewables' SGI 500XT Inverters to Power 2.3MW Solar Farm in North Carolina

Publié le 11 sept. 2013
Solectria  Entropy Solar Integrators 
September 10, 2013 - Solectria Renewables announced today that its SGI 500XT's, 500KW external transformer inverters, have been chosen by Argand Energy Solutions to power the 2.3MW Franklin County Solar Farm in Louisburg, North Carolina.

Argand Energy Solutions began construction on the 12-acre site in June and will be completed by October. The power produced from this site will be sold to Duke Energy under a 15-year agreement. The site will produce enough electricity to power 352 homes annually.

"Argand Energy Solutions has used Solectria Renewables' inverters ranging from 50KW through 500KW exclusively since 2011 because of their ease of use and installation, flexibility, reliability and various features you cannot find with other inverter manufacturers," said Argand Energy Solutions' Chief Operating Officer, Clay Hartman. "For our first utility-scale ground mount system, there was no question we'd use their SGI 500XT's with 98% efficiency."

"Argand Energy Solutions is one of the largest and most well-known EPC's in North Carolina. Solectria Renewables is honored to be one of Argand's trusted and chosen partners, especially for a multi-megawatt site," said Bob Montanaro, Southwest Regional Sales Manager for Solectria Renewables. "We are confident that our inverters are the best choice for this project - their proven reliability surpasses that of any other in the industry."

Over a 20 year period, the Franklin County Solar Farm will produce close to 63 million KWh of energy and offset 84 million pounds of CO2. This is equivalent to:

Taking 5,093 cars off of the road

Over 4.3 million gallons of gasoline

Planting 31,360 trees

Powering close to 600,000 light bulbs

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