Wirsol and Greenpower Capital to Acquire 22MW Solar PV Project in Japan

Publié le 6 sept. 2013
WIRSOL Aufdach 
Sept. 5, 2013 - Wirsol Solar AG and Greenpower Capital LLC, through their exclusive Japan joint venture located in Marunouchi, have announced their acquisition of the 22MWp solar power plant project being developed by Chikyu Factory Service. Wirsol will provide all financing, engineering, procurement and construction.

Start of construction is planned for early 2014, when government permissions are granted. After a construction phase of eight months, almost 90.000 solar panels will produce clean energy for nearly 6000 families.

Junichi Hirai, President of Chikyu Factory Service said "I am very pleased that now we can move forward on the Ichinoseki Mega Solar Power Plant project by partnering with GPC/Wirsol. The most critical barriers we faced in project development were financing the project and the skill and expertise to increase the size of the mega solar project over 10MW. The Mega-Solar Partner Program provided by GPC/Wirsol was the best solution for those issues. Also, the fact that GPC/Wirsol partners with Japanese companies for EPC services was a very important criteria for us."

"I am very glad to execute the agreement with Chikyu Factory Service" said Nikolaus Krane, Member of the Board. "Wirsol was founded in 2003 and has built over 400MW of solar all around the world. Through our Tokyo office, I am confident that we can build the Ichinoseki Mega Solar Power Plant successfully. We are more than happy to transfer our expertise and know-how to the Japanese partners by fostering the relationship with Japanese EPCs during our building process. We are looking forward to starting construction of subsequent PV projects in Japan next year."

Jeff Butler, President of Greenpower Capital, stated that "Our intention from the beginning was to bring 100% financing along with our worldwide development and construction experience, to assist our partners here in Japan. We partner with local landowners and developers, and contract with Japanese EPC and other service providers. This partnership model with the Japanese players has been very well accepted by the Japanese PV market."

Source: Wirsol
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