Nextronex Installs 7MW Inverter Systems During July

Publié le 6 août 2013
August 1, 2013 - Nextronex announces the installation of four new Ohio solar projects adding 7MWs of solar power to the grid. Nextronex funnels the entire array's output to as few inverters as needed at any time – allowing each inverter to run at peak efficiency resulting in increased equipment reliability and longevity. These systems are capable of exporting energy starting at only 650 watts.

Municipalities are seeking solar solutions to add to their energy consumption portfolio. Additionally, schools are also enjoying the financial benefits of solar. For both municipality offices and school systems, the actual energy harvested each day will be on display to visually demonstrate the financial value and positive environmental impact of solar energy within these communities.

Greg Knudson, VP of sales and marketing said that "these solar projects are clear evidence of the implementation of very smart and commercially viable solar solutions to support the energy needs of the municipalities and school systems in Ohio."

Nextronex customers say, "The growth of solar is clear due to the tangible financial benefits achieved. We are happy to have a relationship with Nextronex where we are confident in a system that will fit perfectly with our project size and configuration, reduce our installation costs and demonstrate measureable results for our clients. We are very pleased to be partnering with Nextronex – as they are our inverter system of choice."

Source: Nextronex
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