ReneSola Establishes Standalone UK Business to Create Long-term Solar Partnerships

Publié le 15 mai 2013
ReneSola has opened a UK office that will provide direct support to UK customers. The company will now establish a reliable and long-term service network for the entire country. 

Not all manufacturers have made this level of commitment to the UK, with many either serving the market from other bases in Europe, or operating small offices with skeleton teams. However Renesola believes its commitment and investment in the market will reap rewards and allow it to improve product availability while building long-term customer relationships.

ReneSola UK's strategy is designed to promote a renewable energy community says Ian Glover, newly appointed general manager of the company.

"We are building a solid foundation for long-term development in the UK renewables community. Our support network will allow us to provide not only one of the best-in-class products but also the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a long-term partner. We expect this to appeal to local authorities, EPC contractors and investors, and our set-up should also make it easier for businesses to secure finance for projects faster. By developing close working relationships and understanding the needs of clients, we will support the long-term growth of the UK solar sector."

There are a number of interesting opportunities developing in the UK solar market, particularly in areas that offer both social and economic benefits.

"The current UK feed-in-tariff lends itself to a wide range of applications, from rooftop installations on social housing to large-scale investment projects," says Mr Glover. "The correct use of solar investment can have a positive social impact that benefits entire communities, and is something we should be proud of and willing to promote further."

The Renesola UK team is expected to grow to around 20 people very quickly and the company, based in Newhaven, is currently recruiting.

Ian Glover joins ReneSola from aleo-solar where he was responsible for its successful entry and development in the UK market. His extensive renewable energy experience covers all sectors of the UK Solar market including domestic, local government and large scale investor-led projects.

Source: ReneSola
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