PVA TePla AG Acquires JenaWave GmbH

Publié le 27 avr. 2013
PVA TePla 
April 26, 2013) - Following the acquisition of Munich Metrology GmbH last year, PVA TePla AG is taking a further step to strengthen its know-how in the field of metrology for the semiconductor industry. The acquisition of JenaWave GmbH, Jena, will bring fundamental technology for the design of analysis systems in-house.

JenaWave develops and designs optical measuring heads, which are considered core components, including the complex evaluation and control software for the SIRD (=Scanning Infrared Depolarization) and TWIN (Thermal Wave Inspection) analysis systems from the metrology business unit, which is based in Kirchheim near Munich. The SIRD systems enable the detection of unwanted shear stresses (stresses caused by shifts in the atomic lattice structure) in silicon wafers that can be caused by high-temperature processes during the manufacturing of semiconductor products. The TWIN systems monitor the uniformity of ion implantation processes. These types of metrology systems are supplied to all renowned silicon wafer manufacturers and many of their customers worldwide, where they are used to monitor complex production steps in wafer and semiconductor manufacturing.

In addition, JenaWave develops and manufactures the optical polarizing measuring microscope SIREX (= Scanning Infrared Reflection EXamination), which is used to visualize shear stresses, in particular for the development of 3D-ICs and MEMS.

With the acquisition of JenaWave, PVA TePla is increasing its production depth and bringing on board valuable know-how relating to the laser optics used in the measuring heads. In addition, the integration of the company at the in-house site in Jena will allow significant synergy effects to be exploited in the system design and manufacturing.

Source: PVA TePla AG
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