Monarch Power Offers to Purchase and Save Arizona Solar Plant

Publié le 23 avr. 2013
Suntech Power 
April 22, 2013 - Professor Joseph Hui, CEO of Monarch Power, announced that the U.S. firm has offered to purchase and save a Goodyear, Arizona solar manufacturing plant that China-based Suntech says it will close, laying off 43 workers. Professor Hui visited the plant and met with Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord, determining that it's a good fit to manufacture Monarch Power's Lotus Mobile 'flower power' solar units, achieving brisk sales after launching only 3 weeks ago. 

"The rush of early buyers for Lotus Mobile 1.1KW and Lotus Mobile Max 2.4KW solar units for home and business has reaffirmed our belief that ‘solar' and ‘mobile' go well together," said Professor Hui. "If our offer to purchase the plant is accepted and buyers keep ordering Lotus Mobile, we hope to shift manufacturing to Goodyear and save these jobs. My vision is to make people happy – and this gives everyone the opportunity to help out and save American jobs. " 

"We're asking people to support efforts to save American jobs and to donate to place Lotus Mobile solar units on tribal lands," said Professor Hui, inventor of Lotus Mobile. "From U.S. homes and businesses, to African Maasai villages and Native American homes – we're pleased to make Lotus Mobile available worldwide – and to offer people the chance to save both energy and jobs."

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