Revolution Energy, Dynamic Energy Announce Completion of 1.6MW in Massachusetts

Publié le 14 mars 2013
Dynamic Energy 
March 12, 2013 - Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC and Revolution Energy, LLC are pleased to announce the completion of a 1.6MW portfolio of solar projects in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Most recently, Dynamic Energy and Revolution Energy completed a 487kW solar array on the municipal Fairhaven Landfill located in the Town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Revolution Energy provided a Power Purchase Agreement, allowing the Town of Fairhaven to avoid all the expenses associated with solar system ownership. Dynamic Energy, along with Blue Sky Power and Heliosage, developed the project, and Revolution Energy financed, owns, operates and maintains the system – the Town purchases the generated solar electricity at rates lower than those of the local utility. The electricity produced by the solar system is expected to save the town approximately $1.5 million over the course of the 30 year contract.

"The Town of Fairhaven is proud to partner with Dynamic Energy and establish a solar power array on our closed landfill," said Dr. Brian Bowcock, Chairman, Board of Selectmen for the Town of Fairhaven. "Massachusetts DEP, as well as Massachusetts CIC, has promoted the development of solar projects such as this one as a way of making closed landfills useful to the community and to the Commonwealth, as well as a viable renewable energy resource. Fairhaven is a community that is proud of its commitment to renewable energy resources, and we will continue to strive to investigate all options to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, foreign oil and try to provide for a cleaner environment."

"Congratulations to the Town of Fairhaven," said Mike Behrmann, President of Revolution Energy. "We are pleased to help the community enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy. We'd also like to thank Dynamic Energy for another great project. We are fortunate to have an installer with outstanding quality, deep expertise and dependable professionalism."

The Fairhaven solar project involved the installation of a ground-mounted ballasted solar array consisting of more than 2,000 solar panels on the closed municipal landfill. Dynamic Energy provided turnkey services, including engineering, procurement and construction, and assembled an exceptional team with significant landfill experience for the complex project.

"Dynamic Energy is honored to team with Revolution Energy and the Town of Fairhaven on this energy project," said Michael Perillo, CEO of Dynamic Energy. "I also want to thank our construction partners, we are proud to work with such a high quality group of professionals."

Together, Dynamic Energy and Revolution Energy also completed five other solar projects in Massachusetts during 2012, providing customers with significant savings on their electricity bills. These projects include: Cardinal Shoe Corporation in Lawrence (273kW), Teamworks Center of Northborough (280kW), Willy's World Fitness Center in Eastham (480kW), and Banner Mold & Die Company in Leominster (123kW).

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