Sungrow Launches New-Generation Commercial & Industrial Inverter Solution for South African Market

Publié le 24 mars 2023
Sungrow Power Supply 
Sungrow launched the Company's new-generation commercial & industrial (C&I) PV inverter solution SG125CX-P2 for the South African market on March 22nd during the New Product Launch Ceremony titled Experience Power Freedom in Johannesburg.

South Africa is enduring daily power outages. Organizations are being impacted in productivity and ultimately profitability due to load shedding. They should aim to become as self-sufficient as possible to remain competitive. Adding solar in commercial & industrial (C&I) rooftops can significantly improve self-sufficiency, and choosing an ideal inverter solution is vital to the return on investment for the stakeholders.

Designed for diversified C&I rooftop applications, this new premium solution SG125CX-P2 brings higher yields, improved safety, and more flexible usage, which is expected to lead to further growth of the South African C&I solar market.

The SG125CX-P2 improves the maximum input current to 30A per MPPT, which enhances the DC generating capacity and is compatible with high-powered large format PV modules, thereby creating a higher yield. In addition, the 125kW solution is equipped with 12 MPPTs, which track points of the highest power accurately to ensure the PV system works at the optimal power generation state constantly. As a result, the overall yield increases.

As a result of the optimal IP66 protection level and C5 anti-corrosion capacity, the solution is resilient to harsh conditions like intense heat. Since the project is located in the customer's facility, Sungrow also equips it with the updated AFCI 2.0 to ensure the safety. The AFCI 2.0 system utilizes advanced electronic technology to "sense" the different arcing conditions to reduce the electrical system from being an ignition source for a fire. In addition, the AFCI 2.0 system can detect arcs with 99.9% accuracy; such excellent detection capability exceeds the requirements of the UL1699B standard. The double protection safeguards the safest operation of PV plants throughout the entire day.

Self-generation of electricity by South African households is also in high demand. During the ceremony, Sungrow also introduced its residential solutions which are a perfect combination of hybrid inverters plus batteries. The holistic solutions enable the seamless switch to the off-grid mode during power outages, providing a flexible, durable, and safe power supply for local residents during the day and night, therefore reducing the dependence on the public grid and cutting energy costs. The solution can be monitored and managed via Sungrow's iSolarCloud platform. The platform shows real-time and detailed plant updates, enables customers to flexibly check energy flow and self-consumption, and easily controls their renewable energy assets.

"As the number one player in the C&I PV market with a comprehensive product portfolio, we firmly believe through these industry-leading solutions, our mature distribution network, and our dedicated service system, Sungrow will lead to further growth of this strategically important market," said Phyllis Yang, Head of Sungrow Southern Africa.

Source: Sungrow
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