RECOM Technologies Launches the New LION HJT PV Module Series

Publié le 21 oct. 2022
RECOM Technologies launches the new LION 390Wp Bifacial HJT Mono Crystalline Double Glass Module. Allowing more energy to be harvested, due to the Heterojunction technology (HJT), the LION 390Wp promises great performance in small and large-scale ground or rooftop solar applications.

Lion series modules with power output over 700Wp are based on Heterojunction (HJT) technology. Heterojunction (HJT) photovoltaic module is a ground breaking technology as it guarantees high performance and low degradation of the PV module, substantially improving the results and the yield in the time.

Heterojunction solar cells combine two different technologies into one cell: a mono thin crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This allows an increase in the efficiency of the panels and more energy to be harvested easily when compared to conventional silicon solar panels. With bifaciality factor up to 90% (compared to 70% industry standard modules), Lion modules gain up to 20% more energy yield, in low-light conditions, in the morning an evening hours and with cloudy skies. Owing to N-type technology the power losses are considerably decreased and there are No PID & No LID effects delivering lowest LCOE.

RECOM Technologies Lion series range is available from 375Wp and goes above 700Wp. Product Specifications:

• Bifacial HJT Mono Crystalline Double Glass Module
• 30 Years Product Warranty & Output Warranty
• Low Temperature Coefficient -0,24%/Celsius
• >91,25% performance output after 30 years
• 10-35% Power Generation Gain
• Module efficiency over 22,5%
• High Bifaciality / High Energy Yield / Low Degradation
• No LID & PID

RECOM's power plants are certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and Lion series is fully certified to IEC61215 & 61730 standards. Lion series is also certified to withstand extreme wind Testing [2400 Pascal] and snow loads [5400 Pascal).

RECOM supports fast and reliable deliveries ensuring product availability at European warehouses.

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