Solar FlexRack Supplies Mounting to Zacapa Solar for a 9MW Project

Publié le 4 août 2022
Solar FlexRack™ announced that it has broken into the Central American market by supplying its fixed tilt mounting solutions in Guatemala to Zacapa Solar for a 9 MW distributed solar generation project developed by Kruger Energy. Located in Zacapa, Guatemala, this behind-the-meter project is now operational and will provide more reliable and affordable power to a paper manufacturing business at a predetermined cost for the next thirty-five years.

"Solar FlexRack’s engineering expertise was valuable at each stage of this challenging, project in Central America located on a complex site," said Jean Letourneau, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Kruger Energy. “They treated us like a true partner in completing this project and we look forward to partnering with them again."

This project faced several challenges, such as many rolling hills with large slopes, some of which were greater than 15 percent. Solar FlexRack’s experienced in-house engineering team helped Zacapa Solar overcome the site’s difficult topography with design support and a time-tested front and back driven pile system.

"We are pleased to have been selected as a supply partner by Zacapa Solar for this terrain-challenged project," said Sasha Honsl, Director of International Business Development at Solar FlexRack. "We look forward to working together with Zacapa Solar as well as Engineering Procurement and Construction firms throughout Central America to efficiently and cost effectively execute additional impactful solar energy projects in the region."

Roughly 40 percent of Guatemala's electricity comes from fossil fuel-based generating plants. Electricity prices from the utility companies also substantially fluctuate, depending on the day. Renewable energy projects such as the Zacapa Solar project help reduce dependence on expensive, polluting and less predictable sources of energy and provide greater financial and environmental sustainability.

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