GSL Energy Lithium Batteries and Solar Inverter Installed in Puerto Rico

Publié le 24 juin 2022
GSL Energy 
Mr. Jorge who has been working with GSL for more than 3 years, is a big fan of GSL Energy. In one case, he installed two units of 5kw MPP solar inverters with three units of 10kwh waterproof lifepo4 batteries (parallel connection) for his client to solve the problem of household electricity shortage. And the client was very happy because the system was running extremely well more than his client's expectation.

Due to Puerto Rico's climate and geographical location, Mr. Jorge prefers batteries with waterproof properties. Even in a humid environment, the batteries can also be more durable.

GSL IP65 power storage wall is compatible with MPP solar inverter, also it's quite easy to install as power storage wall is a play and plug device.

"For the past 3 years, GSL has been my single source of purchase for all my solar equipment and have been the best customer support and reliable source ever! My solar people on my end even mentioned how surprised and impressed they were for how attentive the support & service from GSL has been provided.", said by Mr. Jorge.

Source: GSL Energy
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