DAH Solar Attends "Solar Energy Cup" Sharing Meeting

Publié le 21 janv. 2022
DAH Solar 
The 2021 "Solar Energy Cup" New Year's Eve Sharing Meeting and Award Ceremony hosted by SolarBe was grandly held in Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Park. Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Most Influential Photovoltaic Module Enterprise in 2021" award.

At the conference site, DAH Solar global patented product full-screen PV module exhibited and attracted many participants to stop and communicate. The full-screen PV module was unanimously recognized by industry leaders for its innovative structural design, technical process, and good power generation gain, and is known as a representative product that helps reduce costs and increase efficiency from the perspective of structural design.

For full-screen PV module, since there is no height difference between the frame and the glass, rainwater can be drained cleanly, and the dust on the surface of the panel is taken away during the rainwater flushing process, so it has a strong "self-cleaning" ability. The dust is washed to the bottom of the module to form sludge and block the cells, which greatly affects the power generation of the module. The 182mm full-screen PV modules with the same cell and version are more than 6.15% higher than the average power generation of 182 regular modules. After rain ( The difference in power generation is more obvious in seasons with large dust and sand (covered by dust accumulation), and over time, due to the continuous accumulation of dust and dirt, the power generation of full-screen PV modules and regular modules is different. Gradually increase. The following is a comparison of the power generation data per watt of the full-screen PV modules and the regular modules power station in the past month. The same 10KW full-screen PV modules and the regular modules power station have an average difference of 20.09% in the power generation per watt.

In addition, the full-screen PV modules have the same reliability as regular modules due to their unique and innovative structural design. According to the humid heat, high and low temperature cycle, mechanical load, and combined tightening tests conducted by TÜV laboratory, as well as outdoor empirical tests conducted in different regional climate characteristics, it is confirmed that the full-screen PV modules have excellent waterproof performance (IP68) and mechanical load performance (front 5400Pa , the reverse side 2400Pa), and the obvious power generation gain advantage, and won the TÜV North Germany Outdoor Demonstration Quality Award.

Not only that, due to the curved frame design on the side of the full-screen PV modules, the handling and installation experience of the modules are fully optimized, the touch is better, and the handling is more labor-saving. This also fully reflects DAH Solar's pursuit of product humanization in the process of product innovation.

Innovation leads development, and ingenuity creates the future! We always believe that, as an excellent photovoltaic enterprise with "intent, dedicated and innovative", DAH Solar will surely be able to move towards a broader future in the wave of new photovoltaic energy development, continuously bring better products to the industry, and continue to provide users with better products.

Source: DAH Solar
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