Zonergy Successfully Achieves Rs. 5 Billion Annual Sales in Pakistan

Publié le 16 déc. 2021
Zonergy reached a new development milestone with total sales of Rs. 5 billion in Pakistan in 2021. Zonergy has been in Pakistan since 2014, with 3*100 MW centralized power plants successfully connected to the grid in 2016 since then, and in parallel with it, continues to deepen its market by designing and developing domestic, off-grid and commercial and industrial energy storage systems for Pakistan, and setting up offices, sales, warehousing and logistics networks in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. At present, the company has opened nearly 50 flagship stores throughout Pakistan, providing one-stop services from equipment sales, project design, engineering execution, etc. A number of distributed commercial and industrial light storage projects built by the company have been successfully connected to the grid, and the market share of distributed light storage has reached 30%, making it a well-known new energy brand in Pakistan.

While helping the development of local green economy, the company pays attention to the friendly coexistence with local government and residents, and is committed to public welfare, investing in the construction of drinking water purification stations in areas where water resources are scarce, and providing free PV storage power supply systems for hospitals and schools, solving the problems that some medical equipment cannot be used safely and schools cannot be taught normally due to frequent power outages, which has been recognized and praised by the local government and local residents. It has been recognized and praised by local governments and residents.

At this milestone moment, Guo Jun, executive director and president of Zonergy, sent a special congratulatory message to the Pakistani management and sales team, highly affirming the hard work and selfless dedication of the team under the epidemic, and placing higher expectations on the team. Mr. Guo said that this is a proud moment, proving once again that with keen market insight, efficient management and dedicated staff, the impossible can be made possible. We hope the team will continue to maintain the high momentum of development, serve the Pakistani market with better products and more complete solutions, and make positive contributions to energy security and carbon neutrality in Pakistan.

In 2022, Zonergy will continue to deepen its efforts in the Pakistani power market, increase the development, design, construction, investment and operation of new energy smart microgrids, bring more quality services to the Pakistani market, meet the growing demand for green energy in Pakistan, and contribute Zonergy's strength to the construction of a clean and green Pakistan. Please contct Foreign Trade Manager: Colin Wu +8618018757583  [email protected]

Source: Zonergy
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