Ameresco Announces Completion of Roof Mount Solar PV Project with U.K. Ministry of Justice

Publié le 28 juil. 2021
Ameresco Solar 
Ameresco, Inc., today announced the completion of its roof mount solar PV project with the United Kingdom's Ministry of Justice. The centrally funded £1.1 million project saw the delivery of roof-mounted solar to seven courts and three prisons in the U.K.'s Midlands.

The implemented solar PV will provide an energy savings of 427,602 kWh per year, which is equivalent to a carbon savings of 106.2 tonnes per year. Ameresco worked with Ministry of Justice project managers throughout the installation process to ensure that there was no disruption to the court buildings' day-to-day operations, even given an influx of traffic due to a backlog of cases as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Initial project construction on the Midlands courts began in December of 2020 and was expected to be completed by March 2021.

Ameresco will continue to deliver 12 months of operations and maintenance support, as well as ongoing metering of the arrays across all sites. The completed project will advance the Ministry of Justice's long-term goals to decarbonize federal buildings, improve grid resilience and facilitate a return-to-work of the building and renewables sector following the lift of pandemic restrictions and ordinances.

"We are pleased to support the Ministry of Justice in their continued efforts to develop a more sustainable future," said Britta MacIntosh, senior vice president, Ameresco. "Utilizing rooftop space for renewable energy generation is a prime example of sustainable leadership from a government entity that works at the heart of the justice system."

Source: Ameresco
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