IBC Solar and Fankhauser Solar Strengthen Their Cooperation

Publié le 14 juil. 2021
IBC Solar  FankhauserSolar 
IBC SOLAR AG and Fankhauser Solar AG are extending their partnership and joint activities in the Swiss market. As a result, the IBC SOLAR portfolio at Fankhauser Solar is being successively expanded.

From now on, customers from Switzerland have the opportunity to purchase IBC SOLAR products without having to deal with import regulations, as customs clearance is no longer required. "This helps to save transport costs and is a decisive advantage for our customers," explains Albert Engelbrecht, Senior Vice President Solutions International at IBC SOLAR. "The Swiss photovoltaic market is projected to grow steadily in the coming years and will play an important role in the expansion of photovoltaics within Europe. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this growth together with Fankhauser," adds Engelbrecht.

IBC SOLAR and Fankhauser have been working together for more than a decade to strengthen renewable energies in Switzerland. The addition of IBC SOLAR products to the Fankhauser portfolio is intended to further advance their joint work in the course of the energy transition." With its comprehensive and high-quality range of products, IBC SOLAR is an ideal partner for us," says Hans-Georg Schweikardt, CEO/Managing Director at Fankhauser Solar. "We are excited about having even more intensive cooperation, from which our customers will now benefit."

Source: IBC Solar
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