IdeemaSun energy Realises 2MW PV Power Plant in Romania

Publié le 20 févr. 2013
Ideematec  Hanwha SolarOne 

IdeemaSun energy GmbH has successfully entered the Eastern European market following the connection of a 2MW solar farm to the grid. As the EPC partner for a Romanian investor, the company completed the installation 20 km north of Bucharest.

The power plant was completed within the short construction period of only three weeks. Approximately 8,300 Hanwha SolarOne modules as well as 66 Power-One inverters were used in construction. The power plant near Bucharest will produce 2,700MWh of solar power annually, which will be fed into energy supplier ENEL's grid.

IdeemaSun taps into the growing European Markets

"We see big potential for growth in the Romanian market, and our internationalisation strategy has gotten to a very good start with this quick and successful project," reports Meik Rekowski, Managing Director of IdeemaSun energy GmbH. "Our project pipeline currently amounts to about 30MW. In order to better meet customer needs on site, we will set up a new subsidiary in Bucharest within the next two months," explains Rekowski further.

Increase in the Percentage of Electric Current from Renewable Energies through Emissions Trading

Financing in Romania is based on a quote model with emissions credits. The new power plant with its power of 2 megawatts is one of the largest PV projects in the country and will receive six CO2 credits for a period of 15 years. These credits can be used by energy suppliers or manufacturing companies which consume large amounts of electric current in order to meet the requirement of 14% electric current from renewable energies stipulated by the government.


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