Sungrow Signs Two Distribution Agreements in Totalling of 200MW

Publié le 15 janv. 2020
Sungrow Power Supply 
Sungrow signed two distribution agreements totalling 200 MW to supply C&I and residential inverter solutions to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in 2020.

The first phase of the agreement of 100MW was signed with a Dubai based firm Power n Sun, and the other 100MW distribution partnership is with a Egyptian group ACO.

"This agreement marks a milestone for our cooperation in the MENA region. We are satisfied with the solid performance and comprehensive offerings from Sungrow and look forward to our continued cooperation to build a more sustainable UAE," said Mr. L. K. Verma, Managing Director of Power n Sun.

Sungrow unveiled the 1500V turnkey station SG6250HV-MV. And another product SG250HX, 1500 Vdc string inverter, which enables designs with 6.75MW blocks.

A wide range of C&I and residential product lineups were on display as well, including SG5K-D, and multi-MPPT commercial inverter SG110CX, embedded with IP66 and C5 protection capability.

Sungrow integrated turnkey energy storage system (ESS) solution comprising storage inverters, batteries and an energy management system.The Company remarked it can supply both NCM lithium battery and LFP lithium battery solutions as per varied demands.

"We are continuing to expand the commitment to this dynamic market. What helps as well is the alliance with more distributors to extend opportunities to power more communities," said Alvin Shi, Regional Director of Sungrow Middle East.

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