Hevel Group Expands Production Capacity to 260MW

Publié le 2 juil. 2019
Hevel Group announced completion of ramp up works at its factory that resulted in expansion of heterojunction solar module production from 160 to 260MW. The company also launched manufacturing bifacial 5-busbar PV cells and modules with 380W front sheet capacity, wherein a back sheet of a cell secures additional 10 per cent output. Furthermore Hevel decided to keep operating smartwire line aiming to meet ongoing customers' requests.

Hevel's current pipeline exceeds 1GW including 379MW already commissioned and 178MW to be constructed in Kazakhstan.

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Hevel (Panneaux Solaires): https://fr.enfsolar.com/directory/panel/27187
Hevel (Installateurs): https://fr.enfsolar.com/directory/installer/27187
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